General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday December 14th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday December 14th

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Good morning!

The strength you gained from accepting and growing from past disappointments has led you to become all the wiser, and with this maturity, you now make decisions that see the bigger picture as your actions impact not only yourself but also others around you. Trust your gut and have faith that you will make the correct choice and in doing so you will feel a surge of confidence - it will feel not so much like a spark but rather an explosion. Creative ideas will stream in to keep you motivated to push ahead.

The crow moved past the empty cups that lined the edge of the canal. In the past, each golden vessel held a source of comfort however as they sit empty they represent one disappointment or failure after another — a bad mistake here and error in judgment there. The crow stood there silently in the dark and envisioned each cup to possess a hair-like cord that anchored itself deep within its soul - tethering it to a history of heartbreak and missteps it would prefer to forget. In the distance, a bright light shined over the mountains creating a golden path that appeared to skip and dance across the ripples of the water - it called to the crow. Feeling the energy - feeling guided by the light the bird sincerely thanked each cup for the lesson provided and took to the air breaking the cords and followed the light to a new destination.

The Eight of Cups sets up today's reading and indicates that your current situation - where you are today in life is a result of taking ownership of your history with a deep knowing that you - who you are spiritually - does not always line up with your actions.

By taking the time to acknowledge and analyze personal errors or challenges that may have left you feeling kicked down or hung out to dry you were able to transform a difficult event into a valuable lesson. Although difficult while going through it - sometimes it is through challenges that we course correct as we have strayed from a goal or purpose. At the very least trying times and falling down are great tools for learning and with these lessons under your belt, you are all the smarter and stronger today.

The blindfolded crow rises gracefully into the air. The bird uses its keen knowledge of the surroundings and its inner-compass as a guide in perfect balance. Unable to see - the crow can decide its path without the distraction of any shiny objects or distractions.

At the heart of today's reading is Justice and with it, a big decision is on the horizon - one that you may not see as being impactful to your life at the moment but may prove to be life-changing down the road.

With this energy coming to the surface when you balance the facts with your intuition and are not distracted by ideas rooted in fantasy the decision you make will lead to the best possible outcome - one that will not only impact your future but those around you as well.

Listen carefully during this time to your gut - as well as to what other people have to say - their input will offer information that will help you determine the facts of the situation so that you will serve the greater good.

Justice is an intense energy - one that brings an irreversible decision as your life before and your life after will be forever changed. For example, the decision to go on a blind date may lead to your meeting your soul-mate. It may be a simple gesture to help out a friend leads to you discovering a new career path - one that has you feeling like you found your purpose.

This seemingly innocuous decision you will see in retrospect played a pivotal role in your life.

The crow rushes alongside the horse instigating it to go faster. In some ways, this bird is a bit of bully - a show off if you will however at times it is its fiery energy that is needed to move ideas from just mere thoughts and wishes into something real. A larger than life wand floats in the sky leading the crow keeping the often at times distracted bird focused and motivated as creative ideas seem to rapids flow through its mind.

The Knight of Wands denotes that a take-charge attitude is going to be needed once you make your decision. You will feel a fire in your gut, and all the pieces will seem to fall in place so much so that you will have a clear vision of the path and every step on it.

The advice the Knight of Wands offers is that this new time in your life is going to come with an opportunity - and it is going to require some chutzpah. This will be no time to sit on the sidelines and see what happens - no this is the time to get out there and make yourself known. Show up and be seen. Although you may worry about coming across as aggressive or arrogant, put that aside for now because you will need to muster up some inner-strength - your inner-badass because when you do you will ignite something pretty damn spectacular.

The energy of the Knight of Wands will help support you in feeling confident in stepping into the shoes of the person you desire to become - it will help you create a clear vision in your mind of what this life looks like so that you can take action in creating it.

The challenges of the past may have been difficult while going through them but in the end, each one brought you a step closer to this moment. When you use the knowledge, you gained from the past, and see yourself today as a contributor to the whole any decisions you make will be in alignment with a path that will best serve you as you move into a new period of your life - one that charges forward with unbridled enthusiasm.


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Just discovered you and your incredible Tarot. Today’s reading is perfectly aligned with the path laid before me. Looking forward to using your cards and will make your readings part of the ritual. At 76, macular degeneration has stolen my ability to totally enjoy your artwork. The feel, however, brings energy from the Crows. Thank you, you’ve captured their magic.

Jacqueline Martens

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