General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday December 7th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday December 7th

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Good morning!

For some of us, we experience life as a series of vignettes - different periods that are tied together loosely - each one with its own storyline and cast of characters its own climax - its own end. Together these vignettes tell a complete tale however while we are in them, living in the moment feeling the newness - the separate lifetime - we can peer into the foggy past for guidance. Friction is formed when we try to rush along our story or when we try to hold back growth out of fear, out of an uneasiness to evolve - when we try to control the balance that is when we are met with resistance. However sometimes with that resistance comes a clash and fire erupts - creating the fuel needed to move upward and onward.

The crow returned to the bank of the river where it discovered three of its five cups had been overturned. The bird quickly became consumed with anger towards the creature which knocked them over, anger at itself for not being there to protect the cups and angry at the cups for not being sturdy enough to withstand the push. Over time the feeling wore off and the crow no longer blinded by emotion was able to see the value of what it still held in its possession and when the energy of despair faded a new path through the trees that appeared across the river.

The Five of Cups indicates that your current situation or your place in life today is the result of overcoming an attachment to a period of your life that was out of your control and was the source of emotional pain and suffering,

This may indicate a significant shift in your life when you were able to let go of the past, acknowledge the heartbreak you endured and extend to yourself the compassion that was long overdue. When you were able to release the emotional bond from this experience, you were able to see yourself as being in control of your future - of being in possession of skills and talents. You were able to release blame and allow the past to just be without an agenda and without being at fault for any present setbacks. 

The crows soar through the air holding wands and jousting at one another - showing off their skills and their egos. Although they may appear to be fighting it is all in good fun, and the exercise, in the end, proves beneficial giving each bird an opportunity to practice their moves as well as learn new ones.

The Five of Wands comes forward this morning indicating that when you put yourself out there and explore your options - when you challenge and be challenged a spark will be created. This ability to play will not only allow you to show off your skills that will attract the right crowd - when you take life a bit less seriously and enjoy experimenting with your creativity you will find that your mind will automatically fire up new ideas. 

With the Five of Cups setting up the Five of Wands you are emotionally ready to be vulnerable as your heart has healed and you found the inner strength to move onward. The path through the trees on the Five of Cups card leads to this moment when you have an opportunity to shine - to show off what it is that makes you unique. 

There will be conflict; however, it won't be hazardous or detrimental, and if anything out of it you will discover new talents - your creative mind will be on fire. Looking ahead it appears that this is when ideas - the big ones - the kind that can alter your life will come into view. 

The crow sits quietly contemplating life in a lush green tree on the top of a cliff. It allows its mind to go blank and as it gazes outward to the sky, a cup appears with the answer it needed. 

The Four of Cups brings the message that when you let go of an attachment to the outcome when it is no longer about who comes out on top, you will discover the solution or the idea that will help you move forward - your progress will benefit not only you - but also others around you as well.

You were able to move beyond your past - let go of the ghosts that might have haunted you and held you back and now you are able to play - to be free and explore the world from a place of acceptance. The key is to let events unfold without forcing them - to fully enjoy what you are doing. Out of what may seem like chaos answers will come if you allow yourself to quiet your mind. 


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