General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday July 13th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday July 13th

Crow Tarot Reading

Greetings from Seattle! 

I am so happy to be back home where the crows caw while I write. 

We strive to find success, seeking a life that is free of struggle - yet at times after achieving it and the thrill that comes from reaching a goal wanes - feelings of boredom emerge as we settle into the comfort - however our restless heart longs for a challenge - one that will call back the feelings of climbing our way to the top. 

The crow grabbed the branch tightly and allowed it's body to swing backward letting go as it clenched claw prevented it from falling to the ground. The bird could feel the battle with gravity growing but it didn't struggle or resist, instead, it relaxed its wings and leaned into the position - using gravity to strengthen its pose. 

The Hanged Man suggests that the situation that you find yourself in today can be traced back to a time when you removed yourself from a situation and let go of any attachments you had to the outcome. This may have been a time when you retreated because the hassle wasn't worth the effort or because you knew that in the end, the situation was toxic and a victory wouldn't necessarily serve your best interest. Perhaps you walked away from a job one that although you were doing well - it conflicted with your personal beliefs and needed to take some time to evaluate what it is you want to do in life. In regards to a relationship, you may have requested a break due to your partner's destructive habits that were beginning to have an impact on your happiness. 

The crows are surrounded by everything they could possibly need, there is no need to fly around for hours in search of food or a cool comfortable place to rest. Although this may seem like a dream to some birds, over time the life of leisure leaves these birds looking for new forms of excitement - some bring harmless enjoyment yet others offer more risky activities that have the potential to create a new level of problems.  

At the heart of today's reading is the Ten of Pentacles bringing an energy of uneasiness and feeling a bit of boredom as a result of comfort you created. With each new level of success, we discover a new level of obstacles or hurdles. Of course, the hurdles are a bit different when we are struggling than when we have found success - but nonetheless, a life without problems doesn't exist regardless of how successful you become - the problems only change as well as our ability to solve them. 

We are natural problem-solvers it something that we thrive on as humans, because of this we feel good when we clear an obstacle or rise to a challenge. The warning this card brings is although tempting, do not allow boredom to construct problems that may be destructive to your current success or security. For example - maybe life with your partner has become predictable - and you are tired of the routine - the thrill chaser in you - the part that yearns for a bit of excitement might have you considering an affair. Seeking out such a distraction from boredom may provide a momentary respite from the dull drum of life - but in the end, it will lead to a problem greater than that of being too comfortable.

In regards to a career - if you find yourself slacking at work, testing how long you can push your lunch breaks or goofing off because you feel as though you have become indispensable - the problem you create from feeling a bit too comfortable in your position may be one that leaves you feeling a whole less at ease in regards to your financial security. 

This may be a good time to call up the energy that helped you find your initial success - the Hanged Man and take a little time to lean into your position and contemplate what would be the best move going forward. 

The crow rushes alongside the horse as they feed upon each other's energy. Together they usher in a time of drive and determination - one that brings a new level of excitement and the possibility tor a new path forward. 

The Knight of Wands is coming - and this energy is swift so be on the lookout. The boredom you have been feeling will be replaced by a new idea, one that will have up and out of bed in the morning - excited to start the day. You will feel the power of enthusiasm take hold as you charge ahead ready to take on a new challenge with determination and drive. The Knight may come to you as an external influence, it may be a new job opportunity that has you working with a charismatic mentor or coach - one that will inspire you to push further in your career. It may be a new relationship that isn't so much a summer fling but a romance for a lifetime. Don't let the haze of boredom dull your vision - the Knight is coming and you will need to be able to spot the opportunity. The thrill this energy brings is not one that will be destructive - if anything it will be vital to constructing a new level of success.

"You'll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea." ~ Earl Nightingale






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