General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday June 15th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday June 15th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

We have a bit of unstable energy surfacing as there was something we were supposed to take care of and put off and put off - then got distracted by shiny objects and what is coming down the pike at us is the risk of losing something.

Sure there was a gaping hole in the foundation and the roof leaked a little bit here and there - but going out in search of a new roost took time and well - what could really happen - the crows thought. Then came the mother of all storms and the crows needed to find a new home - quick. Because of this, they didn't have the time to be quite so picky and those who were able to focus on finding the best possible replacement and who learned from this experience fared the best. In some ways, the event provided the perfect wake up call. For the crows who slipped back into the same habit - this was not their last or only storm. 

Ok what have you been putting on the back burner? Is there something that you have been putting off because it will require too much effort or isn't as fun as hanging out with friends or surfing the web? Take some time right now and think... I'll wait. In fact, I will do the same...

Oh my god - I have a litany of things to do - it is time to get focused. 

The Tower in the past position indicates that there is something from your past that you haven't resolved and because of this it will surface in the near future. This may be something big like replacing the water heater or repairing the brakes on your car or dealing with some looming debt - whatever it is - putting it off or sweeping it under the carpet is not a long-term solution and whether you are ready for it or not - you will need to address it. Hopefully not while taking a shower or driving downhill.

The crow is surrounded by options - and each one seems to hold a fabulous future - at least that is how it is playing out in this bird's brain. Whether it be a new love, a new career, or a new place to live - the crow creates an incredible fantasy as it loses its grip on what the real outcome may actually look like and the result is when it does finally make a decision what it finds, in reality, will be far less impressive. 

With the Seven of Cups at the heart of today's reading - this indicates letting fantasy dictate a decision and as a result, you may find in the end the thing you chose wasn't the best option or at the least a bit disappointing. An example may be being sidetracked by the salesperson at the dealership who is doing his best to convince you that a new car is a better option, when what you came in for was a simple oil change - and although you are liking the idea, you are REALLY liking the vision in your head - that car will not lead to the life pictured in the brochure. And...if anything it will lead to you being broke.

The message here is to do your best to separate reality from fantasy. This is a time to be skeptical even with yourself, otherwise, you may find that the decision you make will only compound the troubles that surfaced thanks to that faulty tower! 

The crow stands by the river where it has spilled three of its five cups. All this poor bird can focus on is what it has lost - granted it lost a lot, but not everything. There are still a couple of cups left and a clear path to a better future - if only it would let go of the guilt and suffering to take notice. 

Supporting the energy of the Seven of Cups is that of the Five of Cups in that the message here is one of turning your attention to what is going right - what is working in your life right now. Sure you could spend countless hours obsessing over what went wrong or fantasizing about a better life - but right now in this present moment - right here - right now - you have something to grateful for - even if it is something small.

This isn't just making lemonade out of lemons - it's about making the best damn lemonade you have ever tasted so that you can get into the feeling of having that thing you want.

An example of this is say - you dream of living in a beautiful home...(me too!) It is a whole lot harder to manifest new shiny digs if your current living conditions feel less home-like and more like a hostage bunker - it may be time to appreciate what you do have and do a little sprucing up. The Five of Cups is a reminder to not take for granted what you have - even if it isn't perfect - the best path to success is getting into a positive space energetically and that doesn't come from feeling low or obsessing over what has been lost or how dissatisfied you are in your current position. 

The message today  is not so dark or daunting - but rather an opportunity to see the good aspects of your life  for what they are - in reality - and to take a moment to acknowledge what is working right - even when things go really wrong - at the end of the day it will be those positive things that will keep you going and moving forward.

"I am happy because I'm grateful. I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy." ~ Will Arnett

Happy Friday! 



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