General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday June 1st

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday June 1st

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Good morning!

We start the weekend and the month with some powerful energy of confidence and wisdom supporting our goals. 

The crows of the Two of Cups have a karmic relationship - through lifetimes they have been together supporting each other as friends, as parents, as children. Their foundation and the source of their strength comes from a shared heart - it is a bond that pulls them together with every incarnation. 

In the past position, the Two of Cups represents a loving relationship, one that is on a soul-level. This may have been a parent, or relative, or a friend from your childhood that helped you feel grounded during times of difficulty or supported you when you needed a shoulder to cry on. It was the emotional nourishment this person provided that created a solid foundation for love and trust in yourself to build upon. 

The crow rides on the fierce and fast-moving energy storm - barreling through the skies on its way to victory. 

Like a powerful storm that rolls in seemingly out of nowhere and provides the much-needed rain that will bring back life to a barren land - The Chariot is at the heart of today's reading and with it the long-awaited resources to get your project or idea growing. This new jolt of energy may appear unexpected - just as you were about to give up on an idea - or if you have been working on manifesting help - it may come in bigger and more intense than what was originally projected. The message the Chariot has in this position is to not allow the abundance of energy and activity around this event to ruffle your feathers or intimidate you. Take the reigns with a firm grip - the power they contain are for you to control. The Chariot sparks change as it is forward-moving and forceful - this is not a time to shrink in fear or fall victim to self-doubt - instead call upon your inner-confidence as your ideas and goals for the future are being supported by this energy. 

The High Priestess crow is a deeply intuitive and clever bird. As if reading your mind, she has the uncanny ability to know exactly what you are thinking without a single word being muttered. With just a look, she can read your intentions, know your next move before you make it, and feel what you are feeling so as to have the upper-hand if the need arises. 

The High Priestess will prove to be a valuable resource during this time as she adds an element of wisdom to the forceful confidence of the Chariot. This is a time for the killer combo of brawns and brains!

The High Priestess energy during this period of change will enable you to get a feel for who will provide the most productive support as well as who may try to derail your success out of jealousy or their own fears that masquerades as "helpful advice." 

Having the ability to see behind the veil will enable you to avoid or at least be forewarned of any obstacles or challenges as a result of other people's actions or motives.

The energy that is building up is one of going after a dream of pursuing a significant accomplishment. Along with taking action, the message here today is one of listening to your gut and honoring your inner voice. If you have a hunch about something or someone - this is not the time to ignore it - the High Priestess is here to make sure you sense the right direction to move in so that you can use the energy of the Chariot to take control and charge forward to victory.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." ~ Steve Jobs




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