General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday June 29th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

The energy that is building as we approach the weekend is one where we realize that the thing we wanted really wasn't so great and perhaps out of rebellion or dissatisfaction we are hurting someone in a passive-aggressive way. As a result, your unhappiness will be met with an ultimatum.

The way to ease the friction is in your hands - and whether or not you want to the way to ease it is through clearing the air. 

The crow of the Nine of Cups proudly stands on all that it has accomplished. He is a proud bird and worked hard to achieve a comfortable level of success. Each cup represents a victory and for the most part, each one leaves the bird feeling content with its contents - however, a cup or two may reveal later on in time to not be worth the effort.

Your current situation today may have its roots in feeling as though a success turned out to be less perfect than expected or not at all what you expected! Perhaps the promotion you received as a result of all the extra hours you devoted turned out to be more work with a minimal bump in salary and on top of it you now answer to a new boss who lets just say - is less than inspiring. In a relationship, the Nine of Cups may represent the gorgeous partner who over time discovered (after the honeymoon phase) turned out to be as thrilling as a bag of bricks. 

The crow set into motion the events that led its partner to fly away. Although in many ways the crow feels a deep sadness as a result of this loss - what the bird has come to realize is although the loss of this relationship has left a void - it was one that was shallow from the start. 

At the heart of the situation is the Three of Swords indicating that there will be a loss, however - this loss is the result of your underlying desire to free yourself from what you now consider a burden. Perhaps it is self-sabotage that you employ to free yourself from the disappointment brought on by the Nine of Cups? Whether it be passive aggressive jabs at your partner or defiance at work - you may not even be aware that your actions send a message that is loud and clear - you are not happy and you want the situation to end. 

The stern and noble King of Swords is perched on its throne where it holds court. This wise and logical bird does not allow for emotions to cloud his judgment and as a result, his impartiality has earned him a reputation for being a fair and just ruler. In his kingdom, it is his word that is law.

The King of Swords predicts that your actions will not go unnoticed for too long and in the near future you will be held accountable. You may be faced with an ultimatum one that won't leave you with a choice or the power to determine the fate of your relationship or job.  Chances are neither one of you are feeling good about the current situation and without an open dialogue, there is a risk of assumptions and with it resentment. The energy at this time is unsettled and because of this, the foundation that your current situation is being built upon is shakey.

It is time for you to come clean and be honest about your feelings if not for the sake of the other person - but for yourself.

"The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality." Conan O'Brien 





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