General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday May 4th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Wow - after the darkness yesterday - we have light! There is a celebratory mood going on here, one that tames our wild side, charges our spirit and motivates us to move forward! 

Yes - now this is how I like to go into the weekend! 

The crow stands on the wolf's head, not in dominance like the King of Wands, but rather as an invited friend. The Nine of Pentacles creates a harmonious place as a result of feeling financially secure. With that worry removed - the crow can focus her attention on other important matters such as creating a peaceful place to reside. The Nine of Pentacles centers around financial matters and carries an energy of security as it removes financial blocks.

In the past position, The Nine of Pentacles denotes a time of financial freedom. This may have been childhood where you didn't want for anything, your parents showered you with gifts and all your material needs were taken care of. This does not necessarily mean that your emotional needs were met - only that you didn't experience scarcity around money. The Nine of Pentacles in this position may also represent a more recent time of financial security.

It is the feeling of financial freedom that serves as the backbone for this reading as this indicates an independent spirit, one that enables you to find harmony in your life with or without a partner. You are now in a position to create the life you want, as your resources are abundant and you can direct your attention to other matters rather than merely surviving.

The butterfly represents transformation and the cherry blossom branch symbolizes a new beginning - if this feeling of abundance is not in your past today -  what can you do to create that feeling so that it will be tomorrow? 

At the heart of this reading is the Four of Wands and these crows are ready to celebrate! Whether it is a new birth, a marriage, a new job - there is something going on that will call you to a party! 

In this position, the Four of Wands brings the message that although on the surface a regular run of the mill party or event with friends who are celebrating a milestone will become a more significant moment in your life. This will come to you totally unexpected. It may be the place you meet your future romantic partner, or business partner - or discover a new opportunity that will transform your life. If you are on the fence about going to a wedding this weekend - go! This may just be the place you meet the person who will help you take the next positive step forward. 

The crow of the King of Wands is a tenacious little creature who does not give up without a fight. Driven by a desire for success, this crow in the future position brings the energetic power needed to reach your goal. 

The King of Wands brings a positive message that the conflicts of the past will be resolved and any obstacles that you have been struggling to overcome will be removed. Your success here will be a result of your effort and your ability to pull together all that you have learned over the years. When you need it, the energy is here to support you on this leg of the journey, as your creative mind will be sharp and ready to formulate the best plan to move forward. 

Perhaps it is at the event of the Four of Wands that you meet the King of Wands? 

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." ~ Albert Camus

Peace and HAPPY Friday!






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  • Perfect reading for me! I’m ready to move forward! New job, financially okay. Where I want to be. At peace. Now if I could only meet the “King of Wands”! Thank you!

    Tina on

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