General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday November 23rd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday November 23rd

Crow Tarot

Good morning!

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This is not the time to focus your attention on what may be lost - your magic is not limited to a single event. Today there calls for a freedom to create and to do so you will need to loosen your grip a bit. When you have faith in your capabilities your actions will not only lead to additional prosperity but also well-deserved respect. 

Focusing its attention on what it wished to create, the crow reached out into the air and pulled together the energy of the elements where it then transformed into a spark from which it could manifest whatever it desired. 

The Magician came forward this morning as a reminder that you have the power within you to create the spark needed to initiate a change or to manifest a desire. You didn't sit around and wait for something positive to happen - you took the steps to make it happen by combining action with focused intention. 

The way I think of the Magician energy is like that of an oven. You can stand there in front of it all day long and hope a chocolate cake is going to magically come out of it - as it does have the power to create one, however, unless you take the action of actually pulling together all the ingredients - all you really have is a hot oven - wasting energy. At the same time without the oven (or focused intention) if you pull together all the ingredients but don't add the heat all you have is some wet batter - and although sure it can be tasty it pales in comparison to what you could have created.   

The immature crow has acquired more than it had dreamed it would  - more than it believes it really deserves and because of this  - fear of losing it all has the bird clutching its possessions tightly. In this position, the crow can't use its abundant resources to expand or grow its knowledge as it is limited to only what it can experience - holding on too tightly has left the bird stuck.

The Four of Pentacles comes forward this morning front and center as a reminder that what we see as available to us is only limited by our imagination - and by holding on too tightly to an idea of success we actually limit ourselves to that narrow vision as we are unable to see that there is so much more out there.

The energy that may be keeping you in a holding pattern is possibly one created by a fear of losing something valuable you have gained. Holding on too tightly or having an attachment to a single vision of success, not only limits growth it can cause problems later down the road if an unseen event removes this possession or position from your grip. 

The Four of Pentacles is a low-vibrational energy - it uses fear to keep you from taking risks or using your resources to further your possibilities. This limiting energy is all about self-preservation and is focused only on surviving not thriving. This energy can be especially potent for those who struggled in the past yet obtained a level of success or comfort - because the fear of losing what was gained and slipping back into that place of not of discomfort - will carefully measure resources - viewing them as a limited supply.   

With the Magician setting up this reading the message the Four of Pentacles brings is to be careful not to limit yourself to what you have in the present moment as you have the power to manifest what you desire - if you are comfortable in this moment - let go of your hold and allow the feeling of freedom to move about without limitation as your gains will not go away, they are yours whether you are holding on or not - so why not allow yourself to pick up something new every now and then along the way for fun? 

If you have additional goals or desires that you wish to manifest - if this is not your final destination on your journey the Magician and the Four of Pentacles come together as a reminder that your resources are there to be used in creating - they will be an important assets in moving forward  and you will need to feel free to use them as they will help you fully envision your goal.

The crow as a result of its integrity and determination to complete a hard-earned task sits in the victory circle where it not only achieved material success it also feels the admiration and respect of those within its group.  

The Six of Wands comes forward this morning to support you in moving forward and taking action. When you let go of your fear of losing what you have achieved when you move ahead with determination and are able to imagine a greater success than what you have in the present moment - you will find victory. In addition, you will also motivate others to let go of fear so that they too can create a better life.

The Six of Wands puts you in the position of being a leader, of someone who is able to see the bigger picture and has the ability to articulate their vision so that others too can see what is possible. 

You have the power within you to take an idea and put it into action - if you let fear of failure or losing what you have gained limit your vision you will stifle your potential. When you let go what you think you are capable of and allow for your life to unfold as a result of taking the deliberate action you will discover you that you can achieve so much more. 

 "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." ~ Oprah Winfrey

It's time to make some magic!


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