General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday November 9th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday November 9th

Crow Tarot Reading -

Good morning! 

What a wonderful energy to start the weekend we have coming through this morning. It's youthful and curious - you will feel more open to try new things or to go on an adventure outside of your comfort zone. Following your intuition not only will lead you to a new and intriguing experience - there will be a well-lit path to someone or something that will spark a fire within you. 

The beautiful sleek crow and the well-decorated horse travel together bringing with them an energy of love and romance. Charismatic and creative their ability to connect with others is almost magical and although their visit may be brief the effects of encountering the duo can leave you in a lovely haze for some time. 

Today's energy is built on a foundation created by the Knight of Cups. It is the feeling of being swept off your feet - of becoming enamored by a new project or a new relationship. Your intuition was all abuzz during this experience and you felt a deep connection - one that made you feel secure in going after this new direction or relationship. 

Regardless of how long the romance lasted - this event played a significant role in your life because it set into motion events that created your present situation. 

Perhaps you listened to your intuition followed a partner who you felt was the "love of your life" across the country and although that relationship ended it is because of this charmer - you met your true soul-mate. 

The young bird went down to shore to grab a quick bite to eat where it came across a cup with a fish in it. Lunch is served! However, when the bird hopped up on the rim and went in for a bite - the fish spoke startling the bird. Although unexpected - the crow accepted the curious little fish and let it weave a tale of life under the sea. Captivated, the crow listened as the fish provided information that would lead the bird to eat something bigger and better - the crab. 

At the center of today's reading is the Page of Cups and with it brings the message to expect the unexpected - let your intuition and curiosity be your guide.

This is a time to explore your feelings - and although you may want to suppress it or push it away - your gut is trying to tell you something that will have you moving in a direction that will lead to a positive outcome. 

An example of this would be taking a class for fun on a whim and falling in love with it - and although you feel a strong pull to pursue this new skill as a career - you ignore your gut and keep going to the day job you detest - the one that makes you want to put your head through your monitor every morning.

The Page of Cups here is saying to honor your intuition and allow yourself to explore new possibilities - stay curious to what the future has in store for you - it may be more than what you see on the surface and if your gut is pulling you in a direction now is the time to take notice. Pay attention to the signs - sometimes its literally written on the wall - or on a license plate. Notice synchronicities as they are there to help guide you.

The crow stands on the horse's back as it confidently extends its wings so as to feel the warmth of the sun. It is in this position that the bird soaks in the powerful energy that will enable it to move forward with strength and grace. 

The Sun comes through this morning with a message of reassurance. When you follow your gut and the signs the universe guides us with - you will know that you are on the right path because it will be illuminated. 

Not only will you find success in your current situation - you are moving into a direction that will lead to feeling completely connected to a life goal - the bigger picture. Supporting you and helping you discover the confidence and inner-strength required - the sun will light the path. 

"I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt



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Never in this life has a reading read more true and deeper. Blessings
M J, I know how busy you are. Texted you because I can’t seem to find out if I’ve ordered the much needed guide book. Will someone help me as I’m sure M J is covered up


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