General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday October 26th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday October 26th

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Good morning!

Good morning!

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It may be the times we live -  there is a shift happening one that supports the understanding that this life of ours is far more prescious to spend stuck doing something because we are conditioned to believe it is the only way.

The aweetest cherries hang low on the branches that are too thin to support the bird's weight and too high to simply reach up and grab from the ground. The older crow knows how to solve this problem and teaches the younger birds so that they too will grow up enjoying the sweet taste of a job well-done. 

The Three of Pentacles serves as a foundation for this morning - it marks a time in your life when you learned how to do something that now enables you to share that knowledge with others. You have moved on from being the student and are in a role of helping others find their wings so to speak. 

The energy that comes through with the Three of Pentacles in this position is that of being of service to others and being part of a bigger solution. Regardless of how involved your contribution is- when you take the time to do something to help others or add to the greater good not only will it you find a place of true love within your soul, you also add to the positive energy this world so desperately needs. 

The crows soar through the air with sticks as they joust playfully with one another. This is no battle to the death - if anything it will result in a bruised ego here and there as it becomes clear which birds are the most adept as flying. 

The Five of Wands comes through at the heart of today's reading with the message that now is a good time to examine your current situation - are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you giving people or situations too much of your energy with out little benefit - are you a victim of an energy vampire(s)? 

Although the Three of Pentacles asks that you help others or give back to the community - the Five of Wands indicates that this should be on your own terms. Ask yourself - if helping this person or contributing to this situation is going to push you a bit out of your comfort zone - or is it going to leave you feeling resentful? Those are two very different outcomes when offering your services - one will leave you feeling as though you contributed - the other (resentment) will leave you feeling angry and taken advantage of and that never really ends well. 

The Crow sips from the chalice as it overflows representing the five senses and an abundance of love that connects the bird emotionally and spiritually to its higher-self. 

The Ace of Cups comes through this morning to support you in finding a place where you feel connected to both the physical world and the spiritual world. This is a time of feeling love - not in a romantic sense but rather connected to the world as a whole. This is a time of feeling yourself as part of a bigger picture. Any struggles of the past will transform from being obstacles to becoming valuable life lessons that helped you find your path - one that has you feeling whole. 

Let your intuition be your guide - as it is heightened as a result of the energy the Ace of Cups brings to your situation. If you are being pulled in many directions (the Five of Wands) take some time to disengage from the action and reconnect with your inner-self. 

If there is one warning it is to resist the urge to narrow your focus or to become too rigid in your goals - allow things to flow naturally without expectation - only love. 

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." ~ Albert Einstein 




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I love this deck… Crows have always surrounded me…it calls me.

Elizabeth Rose

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