General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday October 5th

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

There is a darkness in the cards this morning - you can almost feel the heavy energy emanating from these crows. However, through the deep blues and greys, there are flecks of gold and bright yellow coming through and without the dark, we would not appreciate the light. 

The Knight of Wands is an impulsive and jumpy crow  - when an idea intrigues this bird it reacts first without much consideration and then later when the dust settles it assesses if it made the right choice. Thankfully this bird is also resilient and bounces back easily.

The Knight of Wands brings to the reading today a sense of impulsiveness - you had an idea and ran with it without much thought or planning. 

What I love about the Knight of Wands energy is that it removes any barriers around fear or self-doubt - its the energy of a go-getter and with it brings many different life lessons along the way - with each idea pursued you discover something new about yourself that can serve as valuable insight later down the road. Of course, the downside to this energy is that you will experience many obstacles for that insight to be gained.

Although there is something to be said for grabbing the bull by the horns - the question is if you are thrown -are you the kind of person who falls forward or backward? 

The crow stands with its back to everything it had worked to gain - looking out across the water it sees the sun coming up over the mountains and with it the mark of a new day bringing with it plenty of time to make a fresh start. 

The energy at the present moment is that of feeling disconnected and in need of a shakeup or a change of scenery. The Eight of Cups can bring to the surface feelings of disappointment in your life. The path you went down - did lead to where you had hoped it would? The Eight of Cups may indicate that you are looking for a new challenge as your life has become too comfortable and boredom has set in leaving you feeling disinterested in the current daily routine. The Knight of Wands sitting in the wings is serving at this time as a foundation energy prodding you - this may trigger an impulse to walk away from all you have gained.

The crow pushes its way past the other birds to take what it wants. This bully cares little about the needs of others and operates from a place of scarcity. In its mind resources are limited and its every crow for himself. To gain as much as it can it will puff up extend its wings and dominate the area ensuring that it is the victor. 

With the Five of Swords sitting next to the Eight of Cups although there is a light that suggests hope depicted on the card the question you need to ask yourself is who will be hurt by my actions?

The Five of Swords brings a warning that should slow down the impulsive Knight of Wands - although you can handle anything and can bounce back in the event of a bad decision - can those around you do the same? How will your actions impact their world? 

For example, a new job across the country may sound exciting and may break up the dull drum - but what impact will it have on your family.

The Five of Swords brings the message that if you want to move forward or change things up by taking the needs of others into consideration you will fair better. If you just make a unilateral decision you will lose the trust and respect of those around you. 

By being honest with yourself and with those who will be impacted by your decisions you won't feel so compelled to react impulsively and because of this, you will be able to assess if what is left behind is really worth losing. 

 “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt




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