General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday September 21st

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday September 21st

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

If you are struggling with a situation that seems neverending or impossible to overcome, a solution is there for the taking, you just need move away from fear and into love in order to fully realize its transformative power.

The young crow eager to make a name for itself barrels onto the scene, full of energy and ready to tell anyone who is willing to listen to the information it has learned. This bird is not flighty, its thoughts and ideas are solid - however, it is its exuberance that takes some getting used to - when the crow has a chance to tell its whole story - the facts are undeniable and the young bird earns the respect of those in its community. 

The Page of Swords indicates that you went into your current situation a bit green, but full of energy. You were able to articulate your desired outcome with confidence and although you may have ruffled a few feathers in your approach - for the most part, those around you recognized you came from a place of high integrity and respect. 

Having the Page of Swords in your past creates a foundation of being confident in standing up and speaking your mind - for knowing what you want and how to convey that in a way to others that is convincing and at the same time you maintain a high level of integrity. 

The crow sits on a branch bored and a bit jaded by the world. The ho-hummery of life leaves the crow unable to do much but stare dully out at the sky - looking without actually seeing, because of this the cup floating on a cloud - held by nothing - defying gravity -goes completely unnoticed. Below the bird is three cups, although shiny they no longer hold its interest much these days and if anything they have become more of a bother. 

The Four of Cups in your present position indicates the solution to any current situation that is troubling you is right there in front you - but you aren't taking it. 

Do you know what you need to do but because it will take you out of your comfort-zone you brush the solution aside - hoping for a new easier answer will pop up? 

Or, perhaps you are so focused on what is going wrong that despite the answer is right there in front of you - you simply can't see it?

When I think of the Four of Cups in this situation - it feels heavy and dull - you are bored and miserable at the same time. This energy is very low-vibrational and keeps you pinned down until you find a way to break free. The solution is in that cup - and with the Page of Swords setting up this reading it may be that you need to regain your sharpness - your drive. What inspired you in the past - what drives your curiosity? What will get you back into feeling the youthful electric energy of the Page of Swords?

The crow drinks from the large overflowing cup. The water in the cup is reinvigorating and fills the bird with loving light energy. In this place, the crow feels at peace with the world and in love with life.  With each sip, the crow feels more whole as its physical world and spiritual world come together. 

With the Ace of Cups supporting the Four of Cups you will find that when you seize the opportunity or move forward with the solution being offered in the present moment this will lead to a place of feeling whole, refreshed - you will get a clear sense that you are on the right path.  

If there is one warning the Ace of Cups brings is to not get too caught up in what the perfect outcome looks or feels like - stay open to possibilities as the outcome may not come out exactly how you envisioned it - but nonetheless it will move you beyond your current struggles and into a more favorable position. 

"Where there is chance of gain, there is also chance of loss. Whenever one courts great happiness, one also risks malaise." ~ Walker Percy












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This reading….spoke to my whole situation so vividly. I am so incredibly grateful to receive this guidance and confirmation…I need to move forward, but feel / felt so stuck. I can reclaim the exuberance I once had coming into this position, and embrace the opportunity that comes my way for healing and peace- this all applies to my workplace scenario, I AM SO DRAINED AND LACHRYMOSE HERE. Its awful, but incredibly “secure”. thank you so much.

thank YOU

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