General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday September 28th

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Good morning!

I read an Instagram post by a backer who does a daily draw using the Crow Tarot deck, and she too has experienced some demanding crows. As I have mentioned in past posts I shuffle quite a bit - asking what energy needs to come through, and then I pull a card from the bottom third of the deck, then from the middle and then from the top third of the deck. I find it particularly interesting when cards reappear in the same position only a day or so before!

The crow looked out across the water and as the clouds parted a bright star illuminated a new undiscovered land. The crow imagined what its life would look like if it made the journey and quickly fell in love with the idea of a new adventure. With feelings of hope fueling the way the crow set off to discover a new life.

With the Three of Wands in the past position this speaks to an underlying sense of hope you had in regards to taking on a new project or moving in a new direction. The outcome was not set in stone, but that didn't matter because the idea you created in your mind regarding the situation gave you the hope and optimism needed to take action.

When you used the energy of the Three of Wands to help you imagine a positive outcome you were able to get into the feeling of already reaching your destination, and because of this you were able to recognize opportunities that would help you achieve your goal - like a star illuminating the way your gut guided you.

The warm, motherly crow sits on her throne ready to be of service to those in need of her support. She brings a kind nurturing energy - one that creates an abundance of resources that she generously offers. With the Queen of Pentacles at the heart of today's reading, you are being supported in a loving and nurturing way. If you have been feeling lack or scarcity around resources, someone will extend to you financial security, and from that, you will feel comforted and reassured. This will be a time where stress around financial matters will be relieved allowing you to focus your energy on other issues that will help you progress.

The Queen of Pentacles may also indicate that it is you that will be of service to others as you are in a comfortable position to extend kindness and support to those in need - by doing so you will be recognized as a leader who contributes to the greater good of the community - much like a " Beloved Queen."

Whether you are receiving help or are offering help, the Queen of Pentacles brings the message that this will be a time of feeling connected to those around you in a way that supports growth and financial well-being - this is a time of stability and cultivating resources so that life will feel more comfortable. The hope and optimism that started with the Three of Wands has progressed into the present.

The bright, warm sun creates a golden glow across the land where a young crow stands on a wand cawing. This bird is excited about an idea one that will have a dramatic impact on its future.

With the Page of Wands arrival combined with the generous Queen of Pentacles, this indicates that when you use your creativity, you will come up with the idea that will help you maintain if not expand upon the comfort and stability the Queen of Pentacles brings to your situation.

This is the time for ideas and creating a vision for the future you want for your life because when you act on your creative idea you will find the financial support will be there to help you reach your goal or see your vision realized. What can you start today? What would be the first step to getting the ball rolling? By taking action and demonstrating a clear plan for success you will attract the support and generosity of someone who is in the position to help. 

"Don't waste time on what's not important. Don't get sucked into the drama. Get on with it: don't dwell on the past. Be a big person; be generous of spirit; be the person you'd admire." ~Allegra Huston

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