General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - July 16th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning/afternoon! 

The cards that came through this morning point to a rich history of experience and determination as we enter a time of understanding and appreciation for who we are and how far we have come - it is this moment in the present where we get a glimpse of our radiant potential as a love for life emerges and provides the courage to explore a new path. 

The crow could have easily walked away, with eight completed tasks behind it each one more difficult than the last- there isn't a creature alive that would have criticized the bird for calling it quits and being satisfied with the ending  - but it doesn't quit. When it committed to taking on the project it did so without compromise and because of this, despite the extreme difficulty of the last task - the dedicated bird puts its head down and figures out the best approach for success. 

The Nine of Wands came through this morning as a reminder of your strength and tenacity. Sometimes when things are going so well for so long - we forget the road that brought us to this place. You are strong and capable of taking on some pretty substantial challenges and if today you are feeling fearful or worried that you will not be able to rise to the occasion - well you can - because you have.

Maybe you were like me and spent your early twenties struggling to find a job and because of this ate your fair share of ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I often look back at my early twenties as a point of reference as it helps me appreciate where I am today. For about a year, I lived in what should have been a condemned building with a bunch of other artists and musicians - pooling our resources together just so that we could buy cigarettes, food, and some beer. The summer was hot and the winter (thanks to holes in the walls) brutally cold. It was one of the best experiences of my life and it taught me the value of not only eating a good meal when it came around but that of friendship and comradery. 

Take a few moments and make a mental list of your accomplishments - what obstacles have you cleared in the past? What did you accomplish even though at the time while living it - it felt impossible? 

The loving intuitive Queen of Cups is a mother who knows all - she can tell by a sweep of the hair that you are in love or a twitch of a finger that you are nervous as she is in tune with the energy that surrounds her and although you may deny it - she knows the truth. 

At the heart of today's reading is the energy of the Queen of Cups and with it, she brings the ability to get in touch with your feelings in a way that will remove any blocks or haziness around a situation. Feelings towards a situation or a person will settle in more deeply allowing you to get a sense for the best move forward.  If you have been trying to stuff down any emotions regarding a love interest - she will pull them right up and you will not be able to deny your feelings. Almost like a nosy grandmother - she will set up scenarios so that the two of you connect. She just wants you to find true happiness...

In regards to a career, the Queen of Cups will help you feel more connected to the work you love or would love to do as during this time you will feel emotionally drawn to a particular field of study or position at work. 

The message the Queen brings to you today is to be patient and not make any sudden or swift decisions without checking in with your gut first. Take some time and use your inner compass to determine which direction to go next - and if you are pulled to move - don't deny it - let the energy guide you.

The crow stands on the dock, it looks out across the vast body of water where it spots an island - one it hadn't noticed before. Perhaps each time the crow looked in the past the land across the sea was covered by dense fog or clouds, or maybe the island went unnoticed because it blended in with the water - but now with the bright star illuminating the night sky, it is clear that in the distance a new land awaits. 

The Three of Wands offers a supportive energy to your situation and brings a positive outcome to any action evoked by the Queen of Cups. 

You are about to enter into uncharted waters, however, there is a bright star guiding your way and combined with your heightened intuition - success is yours for the making. And - if you should feel doubt about what you can and can't handle, the Nine of Wands started us off with a reminder of your capability to handle difficult tasks and that you have the tenacity to achieve any goal you set your sight on. Also because the water can play tricks while at sea, the Queen of Cups is present to help you navigate ensuring that you find your way safely. 

"When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.” ~Kahlil Gibran






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