General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - June 10th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - June 10th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning,

Some days the cards are full of uplifting encouragement as they usher in feelings of hope for a promising future - this morning however they bring a warning. That being said - much like caution signs on the road - warnings can serve useful for avoiding pitfalls. 

The crow stands silently on a sword, one of three that impales the heart. It's heart was broken as it watches a love fly away. 

The Three of Swords comes to us this morning to allow the feelings of guilt from a past situation to surface so that we can face and discharge the energy that has been running like a current through us - impacting our decisions and current relationships. 

Both guilt and resentment attach themselves to our core. Whether you were the one that caused the pain or had the pain inflicted upon you - either way, the energy from this event still has a powerful hold today and because of this relationships may feel more massive and  stagnant as this past event's energy is heavy and low vibrational. 

The crows found a quite place to roost, away from the noise of the city. For years the Tower served as their resting place and for miles around each night at dusk the crows would migrant, blackening the sky as they flew home for the evening. That was until the storm came and the once comfortable tower crumbled to the ground. The crows that fared the best were the ones that didn't stay attached to the building but rather let go and flew off in search of a new home. 

In the present position the Tower is bringing a warning - change is coming. This is a running theme these day it seems. Be prepared. However the way I see change is that we are always moving forward and although initially the change will seem disruptive in the end it will prove to be for the best. Maybe a relationship ends and the pain is very real in the beginning however it is because of this ending you are able to see that the relationship wasn't a soul-level connection - freeing you up to meet the love of your life. It may mean being laid-off from a job only to discover a better one shortly after. I like to view the Tower as the Universe's way of kicking us in the pants. When we get too comfortable in an area that isn't serving us or isn't helping us grow - or reach our true potential - the Tower comes along as a nudge (granted it may feel less nudge-like and more like getting hit in the head with a brick.)

The impression I am getting here is to take the time to cut the cords from that impaled heart - doing so will enable you to be more flexible during the time of Change as you won't be tied down or weighed down by the negative emotions from the past. 

The Crow stands in the middle of a cage of eight swords with a loose ribbon covering its eyes and wrapped around its body. It could easily shake the ribbon off - but instead it just stands there doing nothing but passing the time. If the bird would simply look - it would see that the cage is easily escapable and freedom is within reach. 

The Eight of Swords is coming through this morning to remind us that we are in control of what happens next. Whether we choose the path of apathy and fall into the cage of woe-is-me-ism or see the situation for what it is an opportunity to grow, to learn, maybe even discover a new sense of freedom - there is a choice. 

The Eight of Swords does not tell the future - however it does offer guiding advice. Getting too comfortable or holding attachments to things/ideas can lead to stagnation and apathy - this is not a place for creative ideas to blossom or for manifesting any goals - as the energy for that needs to be light and free. 

As the Tower reminds us, nothing stays the same for too long - and being in a cage when the tower falls may not prove to be the best location. 

“Whatever you feel, you become. It is your responsibility.” ~Osho




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