General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday June 18th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

It is thanks to a solid foundation that we are being set up for a time of creating positive change, however when things start getting good - that is when we fall into temptation's trap.

The crows share a heart as they come together, creating a strong and lasting bond - through this lifetime and the next. Theirs is a soul level connection, and when they work together or team up - they become an unstoppable force.

Your current situation regardless of where you are in life can be traced back to a time when you had a strong bond with someone and that person had an impact on your life. Whether it be a past romantic relationship, a friend, or relative - it was this relationship that formed a foundation for today. Perhaps someone who you valued very much, encouraged you to go after a dream or supported your ideas - on the otherhand, it may have been that this person who you trusted didn't approve of your path or support you during a time of figuring out your life goals. Regardless of how the situation played out - you took their advice to heart. 

The Page of Pentacles sits on a blossoming branch in the middle of a garden where it focuses its attention on manifesting a pentacle. To this youthful crow - the world is for the taking - it just needs to be able to create a vision of what it wants and it will appear. 

At the heart of today's reading is an energy that supports new beginnings and manifesting your heart's desires. Now is the time to create a clear vision of what you would like to achieve as the Page of Pentacles is here to support your goals. You will find that you will also have the ability to see the events that have led you to your current situation from a rational and unbiased viewpoint - removing any stress that comes from regret or anticipation and creating a more conducive atmosphere for manifesting. There is almost a child-like vibe going on here as the Page of Pentacles approaches life as if whatever it wants it can have - maximize this time and energy to get over any hurdles or obstacles that may have come into your path. 

And as if your success is a dinner bell - here comes the Devil (again!)

The devilish crow loves to swoop in and control a situation - or another bird if that may be the case. This guy plays on fears and as it stands there alone and in command - the devil convinces those who willingly chain themselves to him - that only he and he alone can solve their problems.

The Devil appears in this reading as a warning. The Page energy is youthful and at times - much like a child can be too trusting especially with those who make big promises or offer to make "life easier."  Be careful that you are not wearing the Page's rose-colored glasses when you are offered an opportunity one that may be presented as a solution to a problem. The Devil may also appear as someone who is looking to cash in on your success or let you do the heavy lifting while they sit back and control the situation. An example of this may be that you just landed your dream job - the one with the great salary and your current relationship convinces you - now is the perfect time for you two to move in together - oh and that person also decided that now would be a good time for them to quit their job so that they can start their mobile cat grooming business so they'll need a little seed money - oh and they are allergic to cats so they will actually need to hire someone to do the work so you might need to add another zero on that check...

This is a wonderful time to create the life of your dreams - it will only take being able to create that clear vision of success in order to achieve it. Just be wary of those who seem to show up just as the party is getting good.

"The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." ~Shakespear 





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