General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday April 16th

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Crow Tarot reading

Good morning!

I am happy to be back home after our weekend away on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.  Because cell service was intermittent at best (I had to go outside, tilt my phone at just the right angle to get any service...and it wasn't consistent) plus no wifi - much like the Hanged Man - I was forced to take a much-needed break and spend quality time unplugged with my daughter, something that was long overdue.

Going into this week and with the new moon occurring yesterday (in the US) this is a wonderful spread to focus our energies on as at the center is the Star bringing a message of a positive change or decision that you are about to make, it will enter your life like an epiphany or an awakening - one that when executed will help you find alignment with your soul-purpose and as a result you will feel more connected to those around you and your own internal powerful force. 

The Ace of Swords entered establishing a new direction at some point in the past. This crow used its power and sharp intellect to create transformation one that could push through even the strongest of obstacles - as the energy contained within this bird is pure light. 

The Ace of Swords marks a clear point in your life, one that you made a radical shift and as a result you see this moment in your life as a milestone or turning point - one that you can easily see what existence was like before this decision and how drastically different it is now because of it. It was this choice that set off a chain reaction and you are now faced with another decision of equal importance. 

Whether the decision was to break away from your friends and family to move across the country or quit your long time job to go after a new completely different career - this new uncharted direction was epic and you are who you are and where you are today because of it. 

The Star enters your present energy and brings hope, shining a light on the positive, drowning out any negative feelings or fears. At this time, new inspiration is percolating, ideas are manifesting, and the energy around you is strong. The message of the Star being at the center of this spread is to embrace life from a place of positivity, to allow for negative thoughts to just drip off you because a new chapter is about to begin and the best way to move forward is with a positive mindset, one that is not entangled with fear or "what ifs" - the Star and Ace of Swords come together as a reminder to take leaps of faith, to not only trust the universe but also yourself. 

The crows of the Two of Wands hold the world in balance and is theirs if they choose to discover it.

You may encounter a brief moment where you are out of your comfort-zone during the transition. The Two of Wands delivers the message that discovery is essential when forging a new path and at times that can be uncomfortable. Staying focused on the positive and leaning on the energy of The Star will help you find the confidence to solidify the transformation as you move into the future. The Two of Wands also indicates that there will be opportunities for growth and building upon current ideas in the future. The roadmap that this spread lays out is one marked with positive directions and exciting stops along the journey. 

What important decisions of the past led you to this place today - what valuable lessons can be learned during that time? The Star energy will allow you to see these experiences in a less-critical light as it focuses on the positive results of each decision - it is from that insight combined with your inner-compass that will guide you as a new direction is underway. 



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  • Thank you for your guiadence n wisdom. I wish you c ould doa full reading im so outta balance your freind denise…..

    Denise Kuehnetha on

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