General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday April 23

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Crow Tarot reading

Good morning! 

With the Star at the heart of the matter, we start this week on a vibrant positive note - a good thing since it will be the luck of Star that will help us overcome some challenges as a result of an ill-thought-out plan or hasty decision. 

The clouds part to reveal a wand marking the beginning of a road to a new city in the distance. The crow, looking for something new - swoops down and lands on the wand where it can assess the situation. The little feathers that drift from the sky indicate that this path is one of divine inspiration and with the freshly bloomed daffodils on the side of the road - the crow knows this is a start of a fruitful new beginning.  

The Ace of Wands in the past position denotes a major decision in the past, one you felt drawn to make and as a result of taking the leap forward, you benefited greatly. This experience marked the beginning of a journey, one you are currently on today. 

The Star washes away any negative thoughts or emotions that may prevent the crow from taking the next and more substantial step forward. It is at this time that positive energy flow is at its greatest and the bird feels a direct connection to source. It is at this time the crow feels a forceful desire to go after a dream without question of failure - it knows in its heart it will be a success. 

At the heart of today's reading is an energy of luck and positivity around a major decision you will make in the near future, one that will set into motion a new phase of your life. It is here that you will feel guided to transition into a place of connectedness with your community, and the planet, a place where your input is vital in supporting a cause or idea. Whether it is, for example, a passion for helping those less fortunate, creating a new animal shelter in an area that is lacking resources or building a new romantic relationship, The Star in this position indicates that your vision will be showered with luck and the steps to see your idea come into reality will be free from major obstacles. 

The Crow of the Six of Pentacles is a generous bird, in that it will share its resources (if it has plenty to share) however a true philanthropist it is not as it expects something in return. It may not be immediate, but this bird keeps a tally of favors and rest assured - it will expect to cash in at sometime. 

The Six of Pentacles denotes that thing you wished for, the idea you are putting into motion, may come with some strings attached - something that may make the original plan not as wonderful as first thought.

The good news is that we all have free will and can recalibrate our plans to avoid driving off any cliffs. The Star energy is traveling with us throughout this journey, and thankfully any bumps in the road so to speak will be minor, but still, it's best to try and avoid them. Take this as a warning if presented with any contracts as a result of putting your plans into action - read them over carefully and make sure you understand what will be expected of you in return. 

This is an exciting time, there is an opportunity to expand your vision further than expected. The energy that sparked this new transformation with the Ace of Wands kicked off a new way of seeing the world and your relationship to it - with the Star energy surrounding you - there is a great opportunity to create something bigger than you could have imagined as you move into a new phase one where your ideas are not just daydreams but roadmaps for action. Keep in mind that sometimes there are strings attached and on the surface, an opportunity or solution may seem like a dream, but without careful consideration and reviewing of the details - it may turn out to be a nightmare.

The Star watching over you and will help shine a light on areas that need your attention - Your optimism regarding the situation will be the more dominant energy and because of this, your vision of success will prevail. 



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