General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday August 6th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is a strong fast-forward moving energy coming into the present, one that will either have you feeling a rush that comes with a victory or the uneasiness of being in control of something greater than you can handle.

The crow stood on top of a cliff. It decided to make a move and separate itself from a situation below and as a result, it was faced with defending its actions and beliefs. 

In the past position, the Seven of Wands indicates that your current situation came out of a time when you felt strongly about something and took action - and in doing so attracted scrutiny from those around you.

This may have a been a major change in lifestyle or occupation - one that you felt connected better with your energy even if those around you didn't get it or agree because your story and the story they constructed for you were two different things.

Perhaps you felt like a witch or wizard living in a house full of muggles and because of this you took action and moved to a more magical place :-)

The crow rides on a strong stormy cloud. Its fierce energy propels the bird through the sky at a frightening pace, and because of this - the crow must learn how to control the power - otherwise, it may risk falling off. 

At the heart of today's reading is The Chariot bringing to the surface an energy that comes from an exceptionally important opportunity being offered to you. This may be your dream coming true in such a big way that it can seem overwhelming. You got your wish and then some - now you just need to figure out how to control this powerful energy so that you can take your dream to a place of success. This energy is forceful and can seem erratic - it will leave you feeling a bit queasy if you don't seize control of the reigns. There are a lot of components coming at you that need to be addressed - its time for you to drive the dream!

An example of this may be that you got the dream job - however, you now are responsible for far more than you expected - and if you prove yourself in this position it will lead straight to a success beyond your imagination. 

The crow revels in all of the abundance it has created in its life. This King has the Midas touch - and after a life of cultivating its talents and resources, it barely needs to lift a finger to attract more wealth.  A generous king, this bird is at the ready to help those in need fulfill their dreams as he has more resources than he will ever need in this lifetime and understands the importance of helping others reach their highest potential. 

The King of Pentacles is particularly strong in the future position as the energy of the Chariot radiates across the cards. You will find that help is there for you in the way of a generous affluent person who desires to help those who prove their dedication find their way to their dream.  

You may encounter this person as a small business coach or perhaps a relative who offers without reciprocation the downpayment for your dream house or college tuition. This kind older fellow may come to you as someone who simply offers you a new idea, one that in the end leads to a financial windfall. 

If you are an artist - the King of Pentacles may be a wealthy collector who commissions a piece of your art. 

Regardless of how he enters - he leaves a feeling of abundance in his wake. 

With the Seven of Wands laying the foundation - you took a stand and followed your belief and this led to the Chariot bringing you an opportunity that will catapault you to the next level and there you will encounter the generous help of the King of Pentacles! 

Not a bad way to start the week!

“My life didn't please me, so I created my life.” ~ Coco Chanel





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