General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday December 3rd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday December 3rd

Crow Tarot Reading


Good morning!

There is a solution that is right there - right in front of you - no not there - tilt your head a bit - look its right....its right in front of you! How are you missing it? Well, its okay - you aren't alone; I am right there with you! Sometimes its more comfortable for others to plainly see the solution than for us to recognize what is obviously directly in front of our face because they are not the ones that need to take action - giving them the ability to see what we may have blinders to. We can get so wrapped up in our dreams, especially if they are big ones that have been in the works for some time that we end up in a groggy state when it comes to solving problems. This can lead to opting for solutions or ideas that keep us in a false sense of comfort.

The present obstacle requires a fresh perspective, one that will need you to get bright-eyed and wide-awake.

The crow surrounds himself with a treasure trove of resources - he has all it needs to thrive in this world and more. What earned him his position of noble ruler, however, was not how much he has amassed but instead how freely he shares his riches as he has proven time and time again that he easily brings in more than he could ever give away and because of this he chooses to be generous with his wealth instead of hoarding it. For this bird life is to be enjoyed and views it as his mission to help others discover the freedom that comes from a life free from lack or scarcity.

Creating the foundation for your current situation is the King of Pentacles. This energy came in and gave you a much-needed financial boost during a period of growth as you explored a new path. During this time any money issues or concerns fell to the wayside, and because your mind was not focused on survival, you had the freedom to build upon an idea or create a path that may have otherwise been closed off. Because things were going so well you felt confident to dream big, splurge, be overly generous as success was manifesting quickly and you were able to appreciate and feel gratitude for the abundance that was at your disposal.

This may have been a boost to your career and a bigger than expected raise or discovering that some old investment account that you had long forgotten about held shares of Apple stock - or that you were fortunate enough to create something that connected with people and they supported your work.

But like any good dream, eventually morning comes, and it is time to wake up.

The crow sits in the tree where below it has three cups and although they make a great foundation the crow needs a way to build upon them to fully reach its goal. Overwhelmed by stress the crow is unable to see that the solution as it is either attached to ideas that worked in the past or is creating overly complicated solutions. The answer, however, is right in front of the bird - it just can't see it.

At the center of today's reading is the Four of Cups. This card brings the message that you may have entered a period of stagnation and are relying on solutions that worked in the past but may not be necessarily the best course of action today. When we feel overwhelmed it is easy to default to solutions that once served beneficially and helped ease tension or solve a significant problem - the idea that it worked then it should work now makes total sense at the moment. However, unless we recognize when something is not working - we end up in a holding pattern repeating the same strategy over and over hoping for a different result and falling further away from the real solution that is right in front of us and all too often apparent without the haze that comes from clinging to the past.

What once helped you land a job in the past or a strategy for investing that once paid off may not be the best way to go today. How you approach your business today may need to be very different than what was successful in the past.

The young bird stares intently at the pentacle as it hangs in the beautiful fragrant and abundant garden. In its mind, it recreates every line as it studies the coin from a new place of admiration. It is in this place that the crow is able to see the pentacle beyond its physical attributes, and with a fresh eye, it is able to see how the coin represents more than its face value.

The Page of Pentacles comes forward to help you find a fresh new perspective on your situation one that when you take a break from frantically looking for a solution and take a moment to see the obstacle with fresh eyes will give you the ability to see the answer isn't so complicated. 

The Page of Pentacles energy will also come forward to support you in the important step of feeling what success will be like - this will help you stay motivated while you work on the solution. It is this feeling of already achieving your goal that you will keep the clear vision of success in focus as you put your plan in action.

Take some time to step away from your problem, clear your mind and see if you can conjure up a new solution one that may have been floating around in front of you going unnoticed. 

Again - I SWEAR by the shower for this. It is the place that I usually get my best ideas.

With the King of Pentacles combining with the Four of Cups and Page of Pentacles, the message is to dream big - don't stop or give up on what it is that you have created but know when it is time to pivot in a new direction. Take a step back from your situation and see it from a fresh new perspective because when you do - you will see that the solution doesn't need to be the most convoluted to be the right one - it may end up being that the simplest solution is actually the best way to go.


Enjoy my take on the Tarot? Check out the book I am working on - it's the Crow Tarot Guidebook. Learn Tarot through the eyes of the crow. The book is available for pre-order and will release in March 2019. 

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  • How the cards work together and how their energies combine to bring messages to the surface
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