General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday July 2nd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday July 2nd

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 Good morning!

There is a strong energy building this morning that will help us work through any feelings of boredom so that we can appreciate where we were, where we are and where we have the potential to go. 

The radiant and spirited crow stands on the heads of two lions representing her strength and courage. This bird brings with her a vibrancy and charisma that engages all those around. Always the optimist - she is a take charge kind of creature who uses both her creative mind and agility to get what she wants. 

The Queen of Wands is coming through this morning as a foundation energy - one that was created during a time in your life when you felt alive and actively in charge of your life. This may have been in childhood with days spent being the social butterfly surrounded by a network of friends. This energy may have been established more recently when you felt in control and optimistic about your plans for the future. The root of this energy is a love of life - and the Queen appears today as a reminder that deep within all of us is a desire to feel in charge of our destiny and positive about the direction we travel in life.

If you have been feeling as though you are wading through life - try to recall a time when you felt driven and capture again the optimism that kept you motivated. 

The powerful crow stands on the back of a workhorse. This bird is relentless and has the ability to muscle through even the most boring tasks. The energy this crow brings is tenacity with the mental and physical strength to see a long-term goal to completion. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Knight of Pentacles bringing with it a slow-moving steady methodical energy. You may be feeling as though you are in a rut during this time - or perhaps its a groove? With everything moving along at a nice even pace it is easy to sink into a rhythm and lose sight of the little things in life that bring joy. The warning that comes from the Knight of Pentacles at this time is to look up and around you - there is plenty to appreciate. If you give into the boredom and seek out an adventure be careful it doesn't jeopardize the hard work you have put into your long-term goal - doing so you risk destroying your momentum for a momentary thrill - one that will not pay off in the end. 

The crow has gathered enough pentacles to ensure that her nest will provide the security her family needs to be safe. Although it took time and effort to achieve this task the peace of mind she now experiences was worth the investment.  

Supporting the energy of the Knight of Pentacles is the Nine of Pentacles indicating that the hard work and dedication you put into your situation will pay off in the end - it will be worth the effort invested.

The story these cards bring this morning is one of being on the right path. You are on your way to reaching a significant goal  - however, the fiery nature of Queen of Wands desires action and you may be feeling a bit restless in your success. Look for ways to expand or find new challenges that build upon what you have already achieved if you are in need of a new project. This is not the time to shift gears entirely - or engage in any risky acts such as an affair with your business partner's spouse. 

"The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it's going to go and where you'll wind up. Following the bend in the river and staying on your own path means that you are on the right track. Don't let anyone deter you from that."  ~Eartha Kitt






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