General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday July 30th

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Good morning!

A robust feminine energy brought something new into your world - something that enabled you to achieve a goal and although you may be sitting comfortably, happy with where you are - if you decided to - you could take that success to the next level. The only drawback - you may need to let go of something that is holding you back in order to make the transition. 

The crow flies over the lush land where it can see the beauty created by Mother Earth as a whole. It is from this position that she feels most connected to nature as the energy from the planet radiates upward - lifting her wings. She is a majestic creature full of life and beauty. This expressive crow clucks more than she caws and offers love and nurturing to those in need. Her's is a magnificent world and work of art one that she can contribute her talent and creativity.  

The Empress energy is life-giving and nurturing. This strong feminine vibe is the ultimate earth mother, and in the past position, this points to a time in your life when you felt encouraged to thrive and create. The Empress energy may have entered your life as a person who provided you with the resources either physically or emotionally to create a comfortable life and perhaps a little nudging here and there. If you had a strong female role-model or mentor in your life - this person would be the Empress.

The Empress energy may also point to a past where you were free to create whatever you like - free from restrictions due to lack of resources and lived a life of relative ease thanks to the efforts of others (your parents for example, or spouse.)


Although it may have been on the subconscious level -  the Empress energy has played a role in many of the decisions leading up to your current situation. 

The crow carefully gathered her pentacles and with a good deal of hard-work combined with strategic forward-thinking she was able to create a stable home for her family - one that would ensure their security for years to come. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Seven of Pentacles and the message that you have reached a certain level of success -this does not mean that you are happily free to frolick about without a care in the world - sadly that is not yet the case. You are, however, financially secure and with that comes the freedom to explore new options and seek out new opportunities as your needs for survival have been met. It is your vision for the future that is driving this trip and if you decided to park here for a while and relax - there is some security in that. Being that the Seven of Pentacles is not an ending but rather a stepping off point - you are also better prepared to take on a new challenge that will elevate your situation and take you to the next phase of your life as you have already reached a comfortable level of success.

With the Empress energy as the foundation - there is emotional and creative support for you to build upon your situation - combined with the Seven of Pentacles you will also have the financial resources if choose to move forward.

The crow looks upward away from its lifeless body as it is focused on looking toward the future - one that is free from restraint. There is a warm glow in the distance representing a new path and a new level of knowledge obtained as the bird transitions from life to another. 

The Death card comes through this morning because something will need to let go of to move forward. This may be some long held a belief or clinging to a comfortable location, a person - there is something that is keeping you down and will prevent you (if that is your choice) from moving beyond the plateau created by the Seven of Pentacles.  

Here are some examples of how the Death card may look in this situation:

You are resisting selling the house you have lived in for years and love despite the fact that doing so will enable you to take that job across the country - the one that will take your career to the next level. 

Maybe you are clinging to some deep seeded belief that you were just "lucky" and aren't truly deserving of a financially successful life because everyone in your family struggled for what they got and there is a fear that either you will be rejected or not accepted by those you love because you are "different."

You tell yourself that you "don't have the skills, intelligence, appearance - whatever the negative self-talk is..." to go further because being your worst critic is a way to protect yourself during vulnerable times. 

Death is kind of looming here - however, with the Empress setting up this reading - there is all the love and creativity needed to bring something new into your life. The Seven of Pentacles brings in the financial resources that are available and with that security - the question for you today is if you want to move on and up - what is holding you back?

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go." ~ Hermann Hesse 



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