General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday June 4th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday June 4th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

We start the week off with a bit of rebellion, a bit of fantasy, and the reminder that we are the one in control of our future - so raise the bar today.

The Emperor crow is a strong commanding presence and he operates from a place where his word is the law. Sitting on his throne above the clouds, this bird has the ability to see the whole picture, a beneficial place when it comes to making decisions.

In the past position, the Emperor represents a strong masculine energy in your life that was at times over-bearing or rigid - someone who you felt a good amount of friction with as their way of approaching the world was in direct conflict with your beliefs and as a result, you rebelled against their authority.

Although not necessarily an abuser of power, this person operated with an intent to protect rather than harm. It may have been an overbearing parent who barely gave you any freedom during your teenage years or mentor who pushed you too hard because they knew you were capable of so much more - either way this person played a significant role in how you see yourself and what you believe you can accomplish. During this time of rebellion a part of who you are at the core came to the surface - and because of this, you uncovered a previously hidden part of your true nature.

The Crow of the Seven of Cups gazes at all the options that seem to surround her. Each cup holds such a fabulous fantasy, it is hard for her to separate what is real and what is just a dream and because of this - she is stuck unable to move forward.

At the heart of the matter today is getting wrapped up in a fantasy at the expense of the reality. Whereas yesterday our fantasies - helped us stay on course moving ever so close to a goal, with the Seven of Cups in the present position we are at risk of drifting too far into the realm of fantasy where our actions are replaced by daydreams.

An example of being sidetracked versus being motivated by fantasy is a person who dreams of buying a house and because of this desire, they work towards that goal by obtaining the education needed to get the better paying job. However, with the Seven of Cups floating around in the present position - the person reads a story about bitcoin mining and suddenly that dream of a humble home has been replaced with a mansion leading this person to blow off classes and work in order to delve deep into researching how to mine bitcoins and risking slipping backward in regards to progress.  

The Queen of Cups is an intuitive old soul who bears an energy of enlightenment. Her presence brings calm and serenity to a situation as her emotional intelligence is her power. 

With the Queen in the future position supporting you - any risks you do take will lean in your favor at the outcome will be favorable. Perhaps maybe not in bitcoins... however now is the time to explore and push the line when it comes to fantasy and what your dreams are for the future. What you work on today in earnest will pay off in the future as the Queen of Cups brings the message of security and success as a result of raising the bar and aiming high. 

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” — Goethe



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