General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday May 7th

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

Today's reading asks if you are turning a blind eye to a solution because it may require you to get out of your comfort zone. 

With so many choices, the crow of the Seven of Cups spends its time fantasizing about which one will deliver the most pleasure - which one will feed its hungry ego the best. In this state, all the bird can focus on is its desires in the present moment and if there are any ramifications associated with each choice, it does not see nor care to know them.

In the past position, the Seven of Cups reflects a time when your sole focus was on pleasure, perhaps taking the easy way out of a situation. During this time, little thought was given to any consequences or if the foundation was strong enough to carry you into the future. Your present situation is a result of your past choices, perhaps it worked out for the best - however, if you are not in a place of feeling secure in your position today it may be a result of seeking immediate gratification in the past. This may be for example taking easy classes to get through school with the hope that your dream job in your dream field will simply fall into your lap after graduation. It may also point to dating someone who is super fun, with the hopes that it will go on forever - yet you are just one of many who shares that same desire with this person. 

The crow stares off into space, it is bored by the cups on the ground. Although presented with a new cup, the crow has lost interest in all shiny objects and can not see that this cup offers new possibilities. 

Perhaps it is due to disappointment as a result of the choice of the past not living up to the fantasy. Or - it may be that because the solution is one that would require far more effort than you are willing to commit - there is an opportunity you are missing or not acknowledging.

At the heart of this reading is a chance to get back on track - but you must first be able to see the opportunity for the value it holds. You may be turning a blind eye to it because it will require you to do more work than you are comfortable with - or maybe it will force you to reexamine your idea of the perfect mate. The "cup" here may force you to call out the action from the past for what it was - a fantasy. You are or will soon be presented with a chance to create a better more fulfilling path forward, by doing the work required you will find that the reality will far surpass any fantasies. 

The High-Priestess is a sharp, intuitive creature. Her talents lie in the ability to sense the truth of any situation - without a single word being uttered. She can easily parse out fact from fiction and lies do not slip past her easily. 

In the future position, the High Priestess brings her intuitive energy and will serve as an inner-compass, as you will feel in your gut the best direction to proceed. You will also have a heightened sense of awareness and will "know" if someone is trying to deceive you or get you to partake in something that pulls you away from your path. With the High-Priestess it is best to trust your hunches and look for signs - as this will help you not only dodge any emotional vampires - it will help you avoid obstacles that may get in the way of reaching your goal. 

“The appearance of things changes according to the emotions; and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.” ~Kahlil Gibran



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