General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday November 12th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday November 12th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is a youthful energy coming to the surface - one that brings with it a playful attitude towards life and a willingness to accept the impossible. Because of this, once overlooked opportunities will come into view, however - not all are created equal and you may need to summon up some maturity to avoid taking a bad offer.  

The brash arrogant crow stands firmly and declares itself the winner. Feeling the sting of defeat at the hands of such a boorish creature some say good riddance and fly away while others "ghost" the brute and play dead - refusing the beast what it craves most - attention and acknowledgment of its victory. 

The Five of Swords sets up the foundation for your current situation - it was an act of selfishness that led you to where you are in life today. This does not imply that your actions were not the right choice for you at that time, only that it released a negative energy created by those who felt hurt by your actions. That energy may have caused you friction for some time after the event took place and impacted your decisions along the way. 

For example: For those of us who have had our fair share of horrible roommates - although leaving that situation was better for your overall mental health and well-being if you left without giving notice or made the transition difficult financially or otherwise your actions were responsible for conjuring up negative feelings. Although you did what needed to be done to remove yourself from a bad situation - those you left behind could only see your actions as greedy or self-serving. 

Depending on how long ago and how strong the feelings of animosity were during this period - the energy created by those your decision affected will or has diminished and no longer impacts your life - however, your current situation is a direct result of the series of events that fell into place because of this act of perceived selfishness.

The young bird stares intently at the pentacle. It traces each line - daydreaming what it will do with all the resources it has at its disposal. The world is a playground for this eager little bird and a place to uncover new treasures - whatever the bird can envision exists.

At the center of today's reading is an energy that assists you in manifesting what you desire. This is a period of being able to see the world from a place of abundance as feelings of lack and scarcity have moved on - making room for hope and optimism. You may feel more willing to accept what was once considered impossible or see yourself as capable of obtaining what was you considered unattainable. 

With the Page of Pentacles energy strong at this time - when you allow yourself the freedom and time for playing with the idea of creating the life you wish and suspend disbelief, you will find that your desires are much closer than you once thought.

The crow holding two fish sees two hungry birds on the beach looking for food. Contemplating its resources the rich crow offers the birds one of the fish in exchange for a favor later. Starving and without another solution for food in sight at the moment the birds take the offer only realize later that the favor would be far more costly than expected and if they waited a little longer - the tide would have provided plenty of food without expecting anything in return. 

The Six of Pentacles warns that when creating your desires and playing with ideas of how to obtain the thing you wish for - be careful to not jump on the first offer out of greed or being blind to other options as it may come with a price that will be much higher than expected. 

The warning coming through this morning is to not let instant gratification blind you from seeing other options that although may take a little longer will, in the end, be far less costly. 

Although in the past you may have needed to make some quick decisions that enabled you to move into a better position - with the energy circling around you today there is time to create the best solutions and to manifest the right offers. Don't be tempted by someone or a situation that brings with it strings attached - this is your time to create the opportunity you desire and it shouldn't come with restraints or requirements (unless of course, that is what you wish...)

 "Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." ~ Paulo Coelho



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Wow! This is Incredible. I believe I have had an ah ha moment. So thankful for you reading them. Thank you. I cant wait for my deck to arrive!


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