General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday November 5th

Crow Tarot Reading

 Good morning! 

The SEVEN of Pentacles makes a comeback this morning - after shuffling quite a bit and pulling from random places in the deck. This crow has something to say! 

When we are able to see a path out, despite experiencing a setback or a loss - it will lead to a place of feeling connected wholely to someone or a situation and if we put in the effort this new period of life will spark a positive transformation. 

The crow returned to the pebbled bank where it quickly became overwhelmed by sadness as it discovered during its absence three of its five cups had knocked over and the contents lost to the river. Although the pain it felt was very real - this resilient bird felt the drive to carry on and spotting an opening through the trees, it set out to rebuild a new collection of treasures. 

The Five of Cups points to a period of your life when you experienced a significant pain or disappointment one where you chose to persevere and move forward instead of succumbing to the sorrow. Whether it be losing a dream job or your first true love or something you worked hard to build only to see it destroyed - although part of you may have wanted to retreat to the comfort of your bed for the rest of your life where you would only venture out to grab another pint of ice cream - what you did instead was allow yourself the time to process and honor your emotions and then got right back into the fold of life with a knowing that there will be another opportunity to get back what you lost and then some. 

The foundation for your current situation is built on the experiences of falling down and getting back up - your ability to push through knowing that you have it in you to take on the challenge of starting over. You are all the wiser for each setback or bad relationship because you have gained a better understanding of how you tackle adversity, and for what you want to bring into your world. 

The sun rises bringing light to where there was once darkness and because of this, the crow is able to see a cup that offers an abundance of loving energy.

 At the heart of today's reading is the Ace of Cups and with it, there is an energy around you that supports a harmonious connection with a new situation or partner - one that will have you feeling at peace with your world as your emotional and physical needs are met. 

What you are able to offer today is a result of the lessons of the past. You may have a deeper appreciation for your current situation because you understand what it is like to have lost something or someone and because of this, your connection runs deeper. You may be feeling more emotionally committed to the situation offering not just your logical mind but also your heart. 

The Ace of Cups may also indicate that it is your time to help someone else overcome the pain of a loss - to help someone else see their path forward as you have found yours. 

The crow sits in her nest, one that has become a place of stability and security. With a plan for the future, she found and brought each pentacle to the nest - one at a time. Although the comfort she feels today was not instantaneous and there were setbacks along the way - it is solid and it is here to stay.

The Seven of Pentacles brings the message that when you invest in yourself and learn from each obstacle that knowledge you acquire along the way will enable you to build the life you desire because you will have the confidence that comes with the skills to explore new opportunities.

In addition, not only will your actions prove beneficial for your own future - you have the power to bring support and encouragement for someone who will benefit from knowing they too can come through a difficult time - that they are not alone. 

"I believe that the 'dark night of the soul' is a common spiritual experience. I believe, too, that the answer is continued seeking and perseverance. It helps to know that others have endured a loss of faith." ~ Julia Cameron



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