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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday October 1st

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

With the start of October comes a fresh energy that supports moving forward - leaving the past behind as a hard lesson that has been learned. The move forward will be the action needed for an opportunity for a new interest to enter. 

The two crows on the ground walk forward into the wind - pushing their way is a struggle and just as they get two steps forward a gust of cold air will come and push them three steps back. The crows who were determined to not be defeated lifted their wings and instead of fighting the wind - used it to reach the comfort and protection of the tree. 

With the Five of Pentacles in the past position, when you stopped using your energy to fight in order to move forward and instead redirected that energy for gaining a better perspective and understanding a shift occurred.  You were able to identify the obstacle and rise above it.  Your current position is one of stability because of this tough lesson - this was no small event and if you look back you will recognize how far you have come. 

The crow flies through the snow flurries through a small windstorm that took a few feathers - but the promise of a fresh start it is a small sacrifice. 

In the present position is the Six of Swords bringing the message today that although there may have been some turbulence along the way the journey is getting smoother as things are falling into place. If there is one warning it is that the ease that you progress may trigger feelings of insecurity - having things move along without much interference may cause you to second guess yourself or look for trouble where there is none just because it is what you are accustomed to experiencing. 

When you accept that you have overcome your struggles from the past and that a new time is approaching, one that you are in control of that is when you will find more opportunities unfold that will keep you moving forward. 

The crow hovers over a beautifully decorated horse - together they make quite the entrance. This creative and clever crow is a charmer and knows the perfect thing to say at the perfect moment. He is like a knight - ready to swoop in and save the day. 

With the Knight of Cups supporting you - when you use your creative powers combined with your intuition and drive you will find the excitement you crave - and it won't surface as drama but rather in the form of opportunities to do the thing you love. That feeling of being swept off your feet will take over as you take on something new that leaves you feeling in love with life. 

"In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself." ~Deepak Chopra




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