General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday October 22nd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday October 22nd

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

There is an energy swirling about lifting us up and keeping the motivation high as the dreams of the future are not that far off from reality making them just slightly out of reach at the moment but yet there is a feeling with time and effort - they are reachable. 

The young crow went down to the shore looking for a quick bite to eat when it came across a cup that washed up on the beach. The crow spotted within the cup a little fish - just the snack it was looking for - It hopped up on the rim. Eyeing the fish, the crow opened its mouth and just as it was about to pluck its meal out of the cup - the fish spoke. The crow moved in closer, closed its mouth and listened. 

The Page of Cups brings to the surface this morning a youthful energy, one that is open to exploring new ideas - this energy is at the foundation for your current situation.

You may have begun down a path with a knowing of how it was going to end up whether it be a career choice or relationship - but something changed and although it may not have made total sense, in the beginning, it intrigued you enough for you to change your plans, take a chance and move into a new direction. 

The energy of the Page of Cups runs through you and all of us like an underground river - you may not see it but it is there and at times you can feel it - it is the part of you that dreams and sees the world as a place to be explored - enjoyed. This is the energy that keeps us young at heart - regardless of our age. 

The strong masculine crow stands on the lion's head - together they make quite the team as they bring confidence, strength, and a quick-wittedness to any situation. There is nothing that will stop this pair from achieving a goal as their drive and determination is never-ending. 

The King of Wands brings with it the promise of infinite possibilities and new opportunities as a result of the work you put in. When you dig deep and pull this regal presence to the surface - ideas and the energy needed to execute them will come through - if you have been feeling stuck the power behind the King of Wands is present to help you break free.  

Combined with the inherent energy of enthusiastic Page of Cups - you are able to see solutions in unexpected places as you are less willing to brush aside something or someone who may seem unconventional. 

The Crow is perched high on top of a tree where it is supposed to be on duty - looking out for danger however it becomes lost in the clouds. Gazing out into the fog and mist the crow envisions all the things it desires. It is at this moment that the crow gains the perspective that what it desires is not a dream as it is attainable - instead, it is a goal.  

The Seven of Cups comes through this morning to support and bring assurance that the effort and work put in with the help of the King of Wands will pay off. Although you may think an idea is a far-off fantasy - by putting in the effort and working toward that "dream" as if it was attainable you may not get exactly what you anticipate - but what you do get will be far better or more successful than if you set the bar lower. 

"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." ~ Maya Angelou



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