General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday September 10th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday September 10th

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Good morning,

We are getting into a rhythm with new situations or opportunities coming into the fold so smoothly it will feel natural and as if you have been connected to it all along. A change is coming as a result of this pattern and it will lift you up to a better place.

The crow keeps the pentacles in constant motion, knowing that staying focused and on task is required for a world of infinite possibilities to present themselves. Sure this bird could be playing with the others and letting the wind guide them along their journey - but this crow prefers taking its destiny in its own feet (so to speak) and is in control.

With the Two of Pentacles in the past position, this indicates that you have been able to take on the many tasks required to get you where you want to go - you are the one in charge.  As you have been progressing, more challenges or tasks have been added to your juggling list and because you have managed them with grace and determination you have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge, and the result has been more open doors and better opportunities. The wheel has been in constant motion for your for some time and it is paying off. 

The creative young crow loves the beach. The sand between its claws, the way the waves crash on the sand, the banquet of feasts that are easily plucked out of the water - it is here that the bird finds harmony with nature and feels a deep connection to something greater than itself. The Cup sits between the land in the ocean and inside is a little fish who spins fabulous tales - the Crow intrigued by the fish hopped on the cup and listened, and although tempted by a ready-made morning snack, the crow felt a stronger desire to know the fish as something more than just food. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Page of Cups and something or someone is drawing you in and although it goes against your nature - you feel a connection. This may point to a relationship with someone who on the surface isn't your type yet you feel attracted to them in a way that hits you on a soul-level.  You are intrigued by this person. In regards to a career - this may be feeling drawn to an area that is outside your regular interests - yet at the same time, you naturally excel at doing. 

If you haven't had this experience yet, keep an open mind because the opportunity for this person or situation to enter will be approaching as the energy is building for such an event to take place. The message from the Page of Cups is to go with your gut, listen to your intuition because in doing so you will be more receptive to an opportunity or a relationship you may otherwise shun - and this is one that will prove to be karmically charged. 

The crow calls out to those who are ready to let go of the past, to own their story and grow from the lessons as it is time for them to rise up, leave the past behind and move on to a more enlightened place of being. 

With Judgement supporting the Two of Pentacles and the Page of Cups you are ready to move away from any difficulties that have troubled you and move into a place where you feel at peace with your life. Your experience with the Page of Cups will offer a valuable lesson one that will spark a change - Judgement asks that you see your current situation as a lesson, one that will help you better understand who you are and what you are capable of achieving - because when you gain this clarity - the doors will open and you will rise up and out of any strife.

Whereas the Tower brings sudden unexpected upheaval  - Judgement in some ways brings the same energy of change, however, this will be a significant change you want to happen, a change where you will immediately benefit from the "shake-up" not one that will reveal itself over-time.

"You have to go through the falling down in order to learn to walk. It helps to know that you can survive it. That's an education in itself."~ Carol Burnett







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