General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday September 3rd

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

If there is any uneasiness during this time it is because unchartered waters have been entered and although there may not be any monsters in the water below the feeling of not being in control comes purely from the fact that you entered a place that is unfamiliar. However, success is yours, when you are ready to take control. 

The crow dances with joy as it celebrates the completion of a task - a major one. This accomplishment was not swift and easy, no it took time and as a result life from this point forward will be different as this milestone set the bird's life in a new direction. 

The World sets up your current situation -it is because of successfully completing a significant event, situation, or project that you were able to take a leap forward. Whether it be completing school or getting married - or changing your mindset and how you approach life - the World signifies that a phase of your life ended so a new one could emerge. 

If you trace back your current situation - you will find this milestone was pivotal in getting you to where you are today.

The crow was flying along peacefully on its way to a new and exciting location when a storm came in and swept the bird up. No longer was the trip quiet and slow - it instantly became unwieldy and fast. Recognizing that this energy storm would get it to where it wanted to go much quicker - the bird positioned itself within the storm cloud and took control of the power - directing the energy where it wanted to go. 

At the heart of today's reading is The Chariot. There is a storm coming with a great deal of energy that when harnessed you will be able to transform your situation into the outcome you desire. Because the energy of the Chariot feels new and moves events more quickly than what you are accustomed to - there is going to be a tendency to second-guess yourself or worse not hold on to the reigns at all with the hope that "it will all work out." 

Perhaps that new promotion came a lot earlier than expected and now that it is here you questioning your skills - or maybe you had hoped to get a new client a month but you have three or four lined up already and are feeling unsure how to manage it all. In regards to a relationship, the Chariot may point to meeting someone and then instantly progressing into something very serious. Fear of being in control will have your dream derailed quick.

With the World setting up this reading followed by the Chariot - you are in a new phase of your life, one that is bringing with it an opportunity to get what you have worked hard to obtain - and with energy this strong supporting you - you will need to be the one in control of where you go next. Although other people may be able to assist and provide you with the knowledge needed to make the right decisions - in the end you will be the one that will be in control. 

Take some time to take inventory of what is scaring you - where do feel not-so in control? Are there small tasks that you can manage until you build your strength to take it all on?  The key is to start building up that feeling of being in control and that may require taking on one small task at a time. 

The crows gather in a beautiful garden to celebrate an important event, one that will offer new beginnings and the promise of a loving and abundant future. 

With the Four of Wands coming through after the Chariot - the message here is that you will have a reason to celebrate and it will be far better than what you could imagine. By taking control of your situation, you will open the door for something greater to enter and this will leave you feeling confident and secure in your new position. 

Maybe your new promotion comes with some incredible perks that you had no idea were available to you - or maybe your business hits an all-time high in sales - or maybe that new relationship ends in a fairytale wedding. 

The message I am getting this morning is that you did the work to make the change that was needed to happen so that you could have an opportunity to go after a dream and because the Universe will conspire to help us reach our goals - the energy in the air right now is electric and is ready to propel you forward. If you take control and stay focused on your goal - it will end in a success and not just a run of the mill kind of success but rather one worth throwing a party for! 

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any." ~ Alice Walker








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