General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday May 14th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday May 14th

Good morning! 

We start off the week feeling especially connected to those we are closest to - as they will provide the comfort and support we need this week by offering a chance to release some stress.

The crow who sits on the King's throne is a methodical and logical creature. He has the ability to carefully and eloquently articulate his thoughts so that they can transform into reality - to the exact specifications of his vision. Although his demeanor may come across as stern, it is only because he understands that in order to succeed, drive and determination are required. 

With the King of Swords creating the foundation for this spread we are reminded of a person in our past who influenced us in a significant way through their words. This person may have been the one who encouraged you to go after a dream and held you accountable for your actions when they were counter-productive. If you look back - how you accepted this person's leadership can be traced to where you are today. Did this person create a fire within you that led to developing additional relationships with people who will help you reach your potential?  Or did you take the King's words as criticism and rebel?

The three crows gather in the garden to eat, drink, and be merry!  When they are together the day to day stress of living seems to dissipate and at least for the time being there is an air of contentment. 

At the heart of the reading and what the present energy is bringing today is an opportunity to let go of any stress by getting together with friends. This will provide you the much-needed battery recharge as we move forward into the week. Any stress that may have carried over from last week or perhaps from Mother's Day... will be discharged by spending a little time with those who lift your spirits. Although it may seem like not a big deal - getting together with a friend for an hour or two - having that connection with another person has incredible benefits - both for our mental and physical health as it can reduce stress. 

It is from this place of feeling secure that we are able to explore our inner-self - and the Moon appears.

With the Moon in the future position, the energy during this time is one of going inward and self-exploration. Any creative blocks or fuzzy ideas will be removed and you will have the ability to create from a place of clarity. 

During this time you may be able to understand the encouragement offered by the King of Swords from your past in a new light and if you rejected the support back then - you may find that it resonates today. 

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." ~ Henry David Thoreau






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