General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - October 2nd

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is a light shining on your situation - one that will show you what addictive behaviors or limiting beliefs would best be left in the past. This is a time of expanding your ideas and developing new strategies that will lead you to the outcome you want for your life. When you listen to your gut and follow your inner wisdom the Sun will illuminate the path. 

On its perch, the lone Crow is its true self - selfish and controlling but to those it meets out in the world - this bird is charming and convincing - generous even. Those who fall for this clever crow's game need to be near him, they long for his approval and become dependent on the resources he provides - when the Devil knows this he slips a chain around their neck and the relationship changes. Of course, the chain is loose because the Devil knows that it is there merely for show - with or without it - the little bird is his captive.

In the past position, the Devil indicates that you were able to recognize a behavior or a habit that was holding you back and took action to free yourself. This may have been cutting the cord to a less than supportive relationship or working through and dissolving any beliefs that kept you for reaching your potential. The Devil may literally point to overcoming an addiction. 

Having the Sun radiating across this spread - at some point in the past, you saw the light in regards to what was holding you back - a time came when you were able to see your situation clearly and felt confident and capable confronting the situation.  Your willingness to change despite the need to get out your comfort zone resulted in your removing the chains that kept you tied down. 

The young (and rather persistent) crow played along the shore - picking at crabs. Hopping from the hot sand to the cool water the crow discovered a cup with a fish in it. It jumped up on the rim and just as it was about to have a mid-morning snack the fish spoke. The crow quickly became enamored by the talking fish - it had never encountered anything like it and the young impressionable bird was soon mesmerized. 

The Page of Cups in the present position points to an opportunity to learn something new that will have you feeling as though you discovered something magical. The Page may come to you in your dream as a new idea - or you may encounter someone who will bring an opportunity to you that will seem to "click" with something you have been contemplating.

The energy created when the Page of Cups is present is that of bringing ideas to the surface and you may notice synchronicities that seem to point you in a direction - pay attention to signs during this time as you are being guided. 

With the Sun sitting on the side of the Page of Cups it will be hard to miss this energy as it will be amplified - and like a spotlight, in a dark theater, you will see the Page of Cups in all its creative glory. 

Much like the Sun here in Seattle - surprisingly we have been seeing quite a bit of it here over the last few weeks! 

The crow stands with confidence raising its wings as the sun wraps the bird in warmth. At this moment the Crow knows it is where it is supposed to be.

With the Sun supporting the Page of Cups if you haven't felt it yet - you will - the feeling of being at the right time and place for the opportunity you desire to come through. When you take action on your idea it will be illuminated and those who connect with what you do or who can help you further your career will take notice. 

Although the Sun came through in the past to show you where you needed to focus your attention in regards to healing or changing a lifestyle and at the present moment it will shine a light on ideas and ways to move toward the direction you desire - in the future position the spotlight is on you and what you bring to the equation. It's like that old saying you can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink... The Sun is ready to help you transform your ideas into a big brilliant reality - the only thing it needs is you to provide the work. 

"It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action." ~Honore de Balzac
(I have a sink full of dishes - I understand this quote all too well this morning! HA!)



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