General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday April 21

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday April 21

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Well  - after a week of going inward and doing some soul-searching it was nice to see that the cards released an energy that supports breakthroughs and becoming clear on what we want from life and relationships. 

The crows of the Two of Wands created a spark, one that opened a world of possibilities. The blossoming branch represents a fresh start and new beginnings. The colors on this card are divided, one being hot or fiery and the other being cool and reserved - symbolizing a distinct difference in choices. 

In the past position, the Two of Wands represents a positive outcome from a major decision. It was at this point that a major transformation or shift to occurred.  You took control of your destiny, got out of your comfort-zone, and it paid off. On top of discovering a better situation, you also gained a whole lot of confidence and future risks will seem well...less risky. 

The crow of the Ace of Swords shoots into the sky breaking through the dense mountain range that had blocked its path forward.  The Laurel wreath is cut in two in the process representing victory. Because of the force behind the sword the clouds part, and the crow can now see the situation clearly. 

With the Ace of Swords at the heart of this spread, you are now at a time where you can clearly define what you want from life - where you want to go, how you want the world to see you. There is a feeling of victory in the air - if nothing else it is because you have a crystal clear vision of who you are and what you can accomplish. It is an empowering feeling when you are solid in your role and convictions. You can now look back and connect the dots of the past, how each decision led to this moment - this helps you create a path to future successes.

The Lovers drink from the same heart symbolizing a connected energy that runs through them. Their love is more than a mere fling, it is a karmic connection, one that has bonded them together for lifetimes. Similar to the Two of Wands, the Lovers bring decisions - however, because they are connected, the decision they make must take into consideration of the other's hopes and dreams. 

If you are single and want to attract your dream mate you will find it easy during this time to clearly define the attributes that will make you feel fulfilled in a relationship - and because of this, you will have the power to manifest your desires by sending that message in the form of energy out to the universe.

For those in a relationship, you will be able to see your relationship from a place of clarity, the love spell will be lifted as real-life issues will come to the surface and decisions that will impact the both of you will need to be made. It is here that relationships find their strength as you will need to come together to create a single vision. The good news is that you will find it easy to articulate your views because the air will be clear of any hazy thoughts.

With the Ace of Swords supporting the Lovers - this may also point to you removing the barriers or blocks that have prevented you from forming romantic relationships - if a previous bad relationship made you feel the need to construct walls as a way to prevent being hurt again you will find the energy in the near future will support healing that pain and because of this - any potentially wonderful relationships that have been locked out in the past will be able to enter. 

The ability to clearly define what we want and where we are going is laid out in this spread - I am feeling very empowered at this moment!

What do you want exactly? Once you define it - it will be a whole lot easier to create it! 

If you are feeling less certain about what you would like to see manifest in your life -  if you can get away from distractions for even 10 minutes to contemplate your hopes and dreams - you may find the answers will come in loud and clear.  I personally find that my best ideas and most clear thoughts pop into my head while taking a shower. It is the only place in the house that my child (usually) lets me be alone :-) 


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I love your cards i look forward to them in helps bring balance. Your friend. Denise

Denise Kuehnei

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