General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday Aug 4th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday Aug 4th

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Good morning!

The first thing I noticed after drawing these cards this morning was the comforting vibe I felt - the colors play against each other naturally like a summer morning at the beach. 

The crow worked on perfecting its skill in order to reach the level of success it desired. To the casual observer, it appeared as though this bird was lucky and had opportunity after opportunity fall in its lap - but in reality, this creature worked hard, stayed focused on his dream and took action to bring the opportunities into his life. His success was no accident. 

The Eight of Pentacles in the past position comes through with the message that your success was not because you are lucky, you may be lucky in some capacity but your current situation is a result of the work you put in and the energy you devoted to creating the positive outcome. You created your own luck in this case by doing the work and not losing focus of your dream. Your success was not handed to you at all - even if some of the processes along the way seemed easy it is only because how you approached the hurdle.

Don't let others diminish your efforts by letting you feel as though your achievements are the result of just being lucky. At some point, you may wish to replicate this success and it won't come by sitting back and hoping that "good luck" will prevail. 

The Page of Cups is a creative and inquisitive creature. The tide washed up a cup containing a small fish, however, instead of an afternoon snack for the bird - the crow listened as the fish told a fabulous tale of life in the sea - delighted, the crow stayed perched on the cup hanging on every word.  The energy the crow gives off is young and vibrant - she is enthusiastic about learning about the world.  Although a bit naive at times she has a heart of pure gold and willing to take a chance on those she finds intriguing.

At the heart of today's reading is the Page of Cups energy this will have you feeling a bit more expressive and open to new ideas - a good thing as this messenger indicates that an opportunity for a new adventure will present itself soon. This new situation may come by way of a younger person or an opportunity to learn something new from someone who sees the world from a different more youthful perspective. You will know when the highly intuitive Page of Cups is near because you will feel in your gut that tingle that comes from connecting with something on a deeper level - as if you are being guided. 

With the work put in during the Eight of Pentacles - you opened the door for the Page and this will be a time to let your creativity and intuition shine through.

Because it ends with...the Four of Wands! 

The crows gather in the lush, abundant garden to celebrate a significant milestone. A major achievement has been met and now the happy birds are ready to move on to a new challenge taking with them all that they have gained in the past. 

The Four of Wands brings a giant glowing green light to your project or new goal that you have set as it will result in a success - but not just any old success this will be one that will have you turning a significant corner. There is a surprise in store in that what you set out to accomplish will, in the end, turn out to be better than expected. 

An example of how these cards could play out: Perhaps as a result of refining your skills you landed your dream job at an up and coming startup and now it is about to go public and the stock they gave you in lieu of bonuses will allow you to retire early - very comfortably. 

The Eight of Pentacles is about honing your skills and becoming confident in what you do so that you don't need luck - you are the luck. The young and intuitive Page of Cups will help you see an opportunity from a different perspective, one that is willing to take a chance on following a passion - and in the end it pays off with the Four of Wands bringing the message that not only will there be something to celebrate - it will be far better than you imagined. 

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." ~Thomas Jefferson




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