General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday August 18th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday August 18th

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Good morning! 

It was the inspiration that came from the past - during a time of difficulty and confusion that opened a door to a new beginning. Have faith in this new course and let the past serve as a point of reference, but not a destination.

The crow sits on a branch of one of two barren trees that create a path to the moon. Frustrated by a series of unfortunate events - she feels lost in the world and calls upon the Moon to light the way to a better direction. However, the moon does not light a path outward but rather inward allowing the Crow to see herself for who she really is - her strengths and her weaknesses and with this knowledge, the crow understands where she needs to go. 

The Moon in the past position indicates at some point in your past, out of the darkness you had a flash of inspiration - an idea that seemed to infiltrate your mind and set you off in a new direction - one that kept you motivated. This may have happened during a low point when you needed something - anything to go right. Your intuition was strong and although this new idea seemed random or out of the blue, you felt a knowing - a knowing that this new idea was more than just a whim.  

The young eager crow rides on a wand through the open sky where it can see the land clearly below. The sun is high and there is plenty of time for this bird to explore all the world has to offer - stopping here and there along the way enjoying the moments while they last before setting off again.

At the heart of today's reading is the Page of Wands - and this free-spirited creature brings a message that a new beginning is forming. Some may say the Page ushers in the next chapter of your life - however, if you are like me,  life is more like a series of books and within each book are chapters. The Page in the present position tells me that a new book in the series is beginning and with its own unique plot and chapters. 

The Moon in the past created the perfect ending and cliff-hanger for the previous book and sets the stage for the next story. 

You may feel this energy as a dramatic shift - a positive one in your life. Your creativity is flowing and the difficulties of the past have seemed to clear and fear of the unknown has been replaced with enthusiasm for the next adventure. 

The crows sit in the garden under a rainbow as a little bird sings. They have found a place of contentment and although not every day is perfect - where they are in their life is - and it is that deep feeling of peace that washes over them. 

The Ten of Cups arrives to support the Page of Wands and brings the message that this new book - this new direction your life is going in will lead you to feel at peace with the world and your place in it. You may not always get everything you want at the moment and whereas in the past this may have caused you friction - you now feel at ease with life's pace - you are not only in a better place physically but also emotionally. 

The call came from inside - the Moon offered the solution to move out of the past and into a brighter future - one that the Page of Wands adds some fire to in order to create a fresh new beginning. The Ten of Cups brings a warm reassurance that when you follow your intuition, having faith in yourself - and not take yourself so seriously, in the end, you will discover a life of contentment and joy. 

"“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.” ~ Kahill Gibran 
















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