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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday December 1st

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday December 1st

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Good morning!


The mark of a true leader is someone who inspires through action. They are not merely managers who work on the sidelines to ensure that they are recognized for keeping it all straight - no a leader stands with their team on the battlefield and shares a vision for success that will benefit all. This morning the message is to step into the shoes of a leader and embrace the feeling of being in control of your situation not from a place of force but instead with grace and ease - you have the vision now is the time to use your knowledge and authority to help others. By assisting others to reach their goal that is when you will understand what success truly means.

The crow stands triumphantly on the battlefield where it bullied its way to victory. It wasn't through heroic actions that this bird won, no it was through deceptive measures and manipulation as this bird knew how to use fear as a weapon. While some of the crows flew north in search of new territory with a leader they could respect - others lay down their arms and succumbed as resistance appeared to be futile.

The Five of Swords serves as a foundation for today's reading, and the energy this card brings to the surface is one of feeling defeated by a bully or someone who you feel little respect for - making the loss even harder. This card stirs emotions of uncertainty and pessimism causing life to feel a bit out of balance.

This energy may have manifested as a result of a co-worker who wiggled their way into a promotion through dishonest or manipulative measures. This may be someone who bullied you into doing something that in the end left you feeling disappointed by your own actions, and as a result, your self-worth took a little hit. The Five of Swords shines a spotlight on negative energy that has influenced your current situation as a result of the words and actions of others.

The hungry crows arrived at the beach in search of food but the tide was high, and there was little to be found. Flying overhead a crow with two fish spots the hungry pair and offers them one - although the crow has plenty of resources to share it asks for something in return. The hungry crows without considering the consequences reluctantly take the offer only to learn the price was much higher than the value of the fish and if they waited just a couple of hours the beach would have provided plenty of food for free.

The Six of Pentacles denotes that you are in a position to help others. It may be tempting to seek favors in return or look for ways that your actions will benefit you - in the end you will discover the outcome that will best serve you and will produce positive energy instead of negative will come from sharing your skills and helping others find their potential without strings attached.

You have entered into a period of being a light where there is darkness and have the power to create a positive energy flow that will have a ripple effect. When you take on the role of a mentor - the universe may not immediately repay for your efforts, but in the end, with time you and those around you will experience the benefits of your actions.

The noble crow sits high above the clouds where it has a crystal clear view of the territory it commands. This bird did not gain its position by muscling its way to the top or through trickery - no he is a true leader, one who earned respect by offering respect for all in the roost.

The Emperor comes through this morning because when you call upon your inner-noble ruler and allow your wisdom and confidence to shine through you will be able to take on a leadership role and your reputation will be one of inspiring and supporting those who seek your advice.

This is a time for you to take the lead, be a beacon for those who wish to create a change for the better. Even if you are not 100% comfortable in this leadership role - the time is now for you to "fake it - till you make it" because the world needs more positivity to wash away the negative.

The darkness that comes from the Five of Swords can leave us feeling less than impressed with the integrity of our fellow humans - however today at this moment you have an opportunity to be a change-maker. The Six of Pentacles asks that you examine your motives as the Emperor helps you move into the role of benevolent leader and mentor.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.




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