General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading -Saturday December 8th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading -Saturday December 8th

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The Page of Pentacles came forward earlier in the week and is back again in the same position today - this tells me to pay close attention as the message this card brings of getting clear on a goal or aspiration is strong.

Working hard towards a goal or a dream isn't enough - there is also a need to cultivate a feeling of peace around the situation. This may be taking time alone to meditate, or it may be spending time with a caring friend who has a knack of helping you see the good in every situation. When you able to control your emotions - when you can stand firm-footed despite the rocky seas and hold your position with confidence the destination will come into view, and it will be as clear as day.

The larger than life crow is strong and muscular - its might rivals that of a workhorse, and together when they combine their power there is nothing that can stop them. However, quick they are not - and although this duo is determined and dedicated their actions are slow and methodical. It may take them a bit longer, but when they reach the goal, it will be solidly executed.

The Knight of Pentacles indicates that your current path is built on a sturdy foundation. You are moving in the right direction and have an idea of where you are going. You may not be at the place you want to be at in regards to your situation - however, you are able to chip away at the progress little by little - and this is what has kept you motivated.

Because the energy around this situation is slowly moving, it may be the source of some stress today - as there is a desire to speed things along.

To the left of the noble sure-footed crow, the choppy seas send fish flying up and out of the water. Most crows would have been startled by the waves but not this crow - no it is not flustered at all. The crow then turns its head and breathes in the cool salty air and as it exhales a sailboat sails peacefully by as if on glass.

The King of Cups comes forward this morning because you may be feeling a bit of stormy energy at the present moment as a result of things not progressing as quickly as you like. If you have been feeling a bit disjointed or if you have been feeling a bit frantic in regards to reaching a goal the King of Cups asks that you take the time to find a moment to take that energy and use it to your benefit.

Get creative - without expectation - whether it is writing a short story for no one else but your self - or painting - do something that will help you disconnect your logical brain so that answers can come through. My daughter received a Buddha board for her birthday, and it is a beautiful tool for extracting ideas while exercising creativity.

When you work on finding a place of harmony - of embracing the process and the journey to success you will firmly hold your position as a master when it comes to creating. The energy of the King of Cups sees the value in letting progress happen at its own pace as each step brings an essential element. It's like taking out a loaf of bread 10 minutes before its done - sure it edible but it would be so much better if it were allowed to cook a bit longer.

The crow sits in the garden where it focuses its attention on manifesting a pentacle. In its mind's eye, the crow sees each line, how the light creates a warm gold hue, how the pentacle fills the space between it and the mountains in the distance.

When you tap into the energy of the King of Cups, allow yourself to quiet your mind and connect with your subconscious you will open the door for the Page of Pentacles to enter, and that is when you will get a clear picture what can be - what you have the potential to create.

With the Page of Pentacles supporting you in this position, you will appreciate the slow and steady effort of the Knight of Pentacles because the foundation for success is there - you won't just be able to see an ending you desire - you will already be on the way to firmly creating it.

The vision you will see in your mind of what success looks like will be one that you can readily accept because you are well on your way - the energy of the page will help you sharpen your focus - make slight changes here and there as a result of your growth and enable you to carve out exactly what you want to achieve.



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