General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday July 21st

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

We enter this weekend on a nice blissful note as the energy that is building is one of finding comfort in our decision to let go of something or someone who was toxic. Now with that unpleasantness behind us - we are able to move forward and create more experiences that help us move forward in life - unchained.

The crow controls its victims by letting them feel comfortable in their position as the victim - yes the Devil knows the best way to take control of a little bird's life is to let it believe that it has no control and that there is someone or something out there to blame for its misery. From that point, the Devil will "lovingly" offer comfort by way of addiction to a substance or to a lifestyle - or to a belief. In reality, the Devil is a weak creature and all it will take for the chained bird to overpower the monster and free itself is the desire and inner strength to do so.

In the past position, The Devil indicates that you rose up - acknowledged a situation was not healthy or beneficial for your long-term goals - took ownership and dealt with the problem head-on. Whether it was an attachment to a partner who offered little more to your life than great sex, or the bottle a night habit of wine that seemed to slip effortlessly into your evening schedule. Maybe it was a job that paid incredibly well and offered amazing perks yet each evening when you returned home all you wanted to do was take a shower because the environment was so skeezy.  Whatever your situation - you can take pride in knowing that took back your life and freed yourself from the chains that were holding you down - you stood up to the Devil and won. 

The crows sit together admiring the home they created. The happy couple not only provides all the material resources for their young to survive - they also offer an emotional stability so that their young can thrive. Their home is one of love and support -a place of bliss and harmony - as serenading songbirds and rainbows are a common occurrence. 

The energy that is building this weekend is one that will help you connect with a mindset of peace and harmony within your environment. Maybe you have been feeling the urge to do some "nesting" or redecorating - this would be a great time to focus on creating a space that will be a sanctuary. It doesn't have to be perfect - you can make your own rainbows - the Ten of Cups is here to help you get into that transformative and powerful feeling of bliss. 

Having the Ten of Cups follow the Devil marks that you are moving in the right direction and that your focus is on creating a life that is healthy and harmonious - you are experiencing a time of freedom - one that when you look back on the past you can easily see which the chains where the ones that held you down. 

In a quiet spot, away from the distractions and noise of the roost, a young enthusiastic crow focuses its attention on manifesting a pentacle. With this one little task complete, the bird's confidence level rises and as a result, attempts to manifest something a little bigger. 

Supporting the euphoric energy that the Ten of Cups brings into the present moment is the Page of Pentacles as the future will be one of fresh beginnings and beneficial opportunities - that are the result of your making.

Being in a positive place will have you feeling more at ease with life and self-assured, because of this you will transmit out an energy - one that sends the signal that you welcome and are receptive to new experiences and opportunities. Having the experience of freeing yourself from the Devil in your past  - you will be able to determine which new opportunity or experience will lead to a path that will continue your growth and extend this blissful feeling of being in control and which one will have you back in chains - tethered to something or someone who wants to control you. 

Because the Page energy is young and at times impulsive - if there is one warning that comes with this reading is that patience will be needed in order to keep a clear vision for what will be best in the long-term. 

"It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits prefer unhappiness." ~George Santayana






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  • Sue H.

    I just want to take a moment to thank you for posting these. I feel like I’m getting to know my new deck even as I wait for it to arrive.

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