General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday July 7th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

We start the weekend off with a deep understanding of what motivates us - what our passion in life is and as a result of this self-awareness, we will attract a youthful, enthusiastic energy - one that will enable us to articulate our ideas in order to create a financial success.

The gentle crow sits on her throne - The Queen of Cups is an intuitive mother bird who attracts those who need guidance and support. She feels more deeply than most and connects with others on a soul-level creating an aura of comfort and acceptance around all those she helps. 

The Queen of Cups brings a supportive energy one that may have been established during childhood when you were encouraged by an older woman to go after a goal. This person may have also entered your life more recently, either way, a strong connection was formed and this person was a source of much-needed guidance and comfort during a challenging time. This older woman helped you draw out your natural abilities and taught you how to listen to your heart, as it can all too often be muted by logic. Most important - the energy that runs through you today as a result of this person is the ability to trust your intuition. You are able to tune in to your higher-self and use your gut as a compass for navigating through the complexities of life. 

The energy that the Queen of Cups brings us may come from a person in our lives, it may be within us already - waiting for the perfect moment to emerge. We can also tap into this energy through music or through a character in a book - as we are infused with her power when we feel her presence. 

The crow is perfectly perched on a pentacle - from this position, it has a clear view of the landscape and can see the best path forward to find what it desires. With clean fresh air filling its lungs and surrounded by nature, all its needs are met - the Ace of Pentacles is in a place where it feels at peace with the world and because of this, it is more receptive to new ideas or a fresh beginning. 

The energy that is running through this spread is one of creating something new in order to take what you are currently doing to the next level or to add an additional revenue stream to draw from - one that will also fuel a desire to shake things up a bit. 

This will be the time to listen to your intuition and call upon the skills you learned from the Queen of Cups to manifest a new idea that will generate a financial opportunity.

Perhaps you have a yoga studio - an example of adding something connected yet separate to create additional revenue might be creating a unique weekend retreat experience as this has the potential to be scaleable.

Maybe as an artist, you know the ins and outs of doing the craft shows or handmade shows - because of your knowledge and desire to help others, you add "consultant" to your repertoire and help the newbies learn the ropes - while earning extra income as well. 

Take some time this weekend to connect with your gut - is there a way to create a new way of generating an income?

The Page of Swords barrels in all a flutter - this bird is excited and has the energy of a lightning storm. Sure it might have lost a couple of feathers along the way - but really that is a small price to pay for this bird is ready to take its new concept to anyone who will listen.  

You will know when the energy of the Page of Swords is present because it is vivacious, unyielding, and curious. This youthful vibe will have you up early in the morning - excited to get the day started and up late finishing any work before retiring for the night.  When locked on an idea - the Page can have us so enchanted by it that we can risk becoming too hyper-focused - losing sight of other responsibilities. 

The Page of Swords gives the soulful intuitive energy of the Queen of Cups a charge and together they create a powerful force that can transform a concept or idea into a reality. With the Ace of Pentacles watching over the situation - you are being set up with the perfect combination to reach success as each element comes together beautifully. 

Feel the direction, hold it in your mind's eye and like a crow defending its nest from a hawk - go after it and move with determination. 

“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn't afraid of facing challenges.”~ Paul Coelho 








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