General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday June 16th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday June 16th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

I feel like this is deja vu - but just I ran through the last several weeks of readings and nope these cards are coming through totally different. Anyway, it is time to buckle down - get focused because there is work to be done and what is taken care of today will make the load a whole lot easier to carry later on. 

The young crow lands on a log - sure it could fly off if distracted by something shiny - but instead it allows the river to guide it on a new journey. The wind whistles a warning, maybe a storm is approaching - maybe there is one of those big fish in the river, the kind that eats birds - but nonetheless, the Crow has faith that the log will keep floating and the trip will lead to something significant.

The Fool is coming through today as a result of taking a leap of faith and just allowing life to unfold without expectation or active force. This may have been a time of living a less conventional approach - maybe hiking across the country with no set schedule, or getting into a relationship with someone who you knew from the start wasn't going to be a life partner but would prove to offer a great adventure. The Fool brings the message while others may have viewed this time in your life as being wasted - it was here that you developed an important belief, one when tapped or surfaces allows you to roll with the punches and replaces fear with faith.

The strong, logical Emperor crow sees beyond the clouds where it has the advantage of detecting obstacles or challenges in time to prepare a plan. This bird is a natural leader, not by force but rather as a result of his integrity, courage, sharp mind, and benevolence. 

At the heart of the matter is the strong presence of the Emperor. This supportive energy will help you create a clear vision for the future and provides the courage to face any challenges as you go after your goal with confidence. The Emperor energy may come from within as you take on a new role or go after a long-held dream - it may show up in a person who will have the skillset to help you find success.

If you have been teetering back and forth about whether or not to make a shift or go after a new career or start a new business - the Emperor energy will help approach the situation in a cool and calculating way so that any tasks that are required are completed with determination and perfection - because of this a strong foundation will be formed and success will be that much easier. 

The crow swoops down from the sky because it saw a treasure it wanted and it would be damned if some loud-mouthed seagull would get to it first. From the sky, the crow assumed it would just grab the bushel and fly off - easy peasy light and breezy!  However, what it quickly learned was the reason that bushel was still on the ground unclaimed was that it was in fact really heavy and not every bird wants to take on that kind of challenge. This crow was committed though and it was going to take it's prize - with wings flapping furiously in the air - it got the wands off the ground. 

The Ten of Wands arrives with a warning that a job may require more work than expected especially if you approach the situation from a place of disorganization. However, with the Emperor there the Ten of Wands loses some of its edge as the Emperor is there to ensure that things are done correctly. Its never bad to double check your work or make sure that a task is done, especially if it may result in more work down the road as a result of not finishing it to satisfaction.

The Ten of Wands may also point to some friction between the "Fool energy" and the "Emperor energy" as they approach situations very differently - and the with that it may be necessary to allow the Emperor to take the lead at least when it comes to managing tasks. Don't sweat the small stuff - but also make sure the work is done.

"Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him." ~Henry Miller





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