General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday June 30th

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crow tarot reading

Good morning and greetings from sunny and hot Cincinnati! 

Sometimes when a journey ends, although it may be sweet - if there were aspects of the situation that were not addressed or left up to faith this can cause stress and anxiety.

The young fledgling decided to forgo flying like its peers and when the time came to leave the nest it took a less conventional approach by hopping on a floating log. Despite the wind whistling a warning that a storm was approaching - the bird had faith in the log and remained confident that the journey would end well. 

The situation at the center of today's reading can be traced back to a time when you had faith in your decision to buck the trend and go off in your own direction. The Fool indicates that you spent time whether it was in childhood or even more recently letting life guide you, all while knowing that in the end regardless of where you ended up - there would be value in the journey. 

The crow at the center of the laurel wreaths dances in joy as it completes a major project - one that took a great amount of time and effort before success could be found. 

At the heart of today's reading is the World and with it the feeling that an end is drawing near for a project or situation - one that seemed to come together of time naturally. This completion that is on the horizon may be approaching more quickly than what you expected and as a result, this can bring up nervous uneasy feelings. Although the energy of the Fool got you to this place - and ignorance can be bliss, in order for you to reap the full benefits that come from success you may need to take control of the situation by learning the skills that will solidify your outcome and create a strong foundation to build future success upon. 

And... if you don't take the steps to close the circle you will find anxiety. 

The crow wakes up from yet another nightmare. In its mind, it battles between letting go of what it can't control and the denial it is in regarding the things it can control. This bird spends hours each night awake worried about undone tasks and what effect they will have on its life. As a result of this fear and the hours of sleepless nights - this bird is unable to muster the energy to resolve its problem and as a result, its worst fear comes to life. 

The Nine of Swords is bringing an important message - it is time to take control of your situation by learning or doing what it will take to ensure that a good solid foundation can be formed. This may mean getting real on what tasks need to be addressed as a result of your success. For example - you may have found your dream of being an artist is realized, however in order to move forward and build upon your success you will need to address the less creative aspects of the job - such as managing the finances. 

The World marks an ending - however, how you transition into the next phase of your development will be impacted by how you address the aspects of life that are stressing you out at the present moment. 

 “Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.” ~Jodi Picoult



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