General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday June 9th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday June 9th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Today's cards are coming through with a very clear message - success is ours to create - if we move into action it will happen, but we are chained to something and until that chain is broken we will stay a victim of a captor of our own making. 

Spying a treasure on the ground the crow swoops in and without much thought clutches the bushel of wands - and immediately is pulled back to earth. Committed and not one to give up that easily the crow uses all of its strength to build the momentum needed to get the wands off the ground. It was a tedious task and the crow sacrificed flying higher and further for having control of all the wands - but they were his and his alone.  

The crow of the Ten of Wands seems to be appearing frequently these days - either as a reminder that we have taken on a challenge that is bigger than anticipated or as a sign that we are strong and can achieve our goals when we focus our attention and call upon the drive to succeed within us. 

In the past position, this crow is bringing the message taking on too many tasks or overburdening ourselves may suggest our actions are a result of a scared ego - There is a desire to be seen as "busy" because of the misguided belief that an over-extended schedule is a sign of power - it is "status symbol."  Instead of lifting you up - all of these little activities are instead tying you down and as a result, you are not able to fly as high or go as far as you could. 

And...enter the Devil.

This bird - oh this bird is so smooth and cunning. The crow captures its prey by luring them in with promises and feelings of comfort. The Devil knows that he doesn't need to keep the chains tight - no these victims are his willingly - they love their place next to this beast - why wouldn't they - in his control they don't have to take any responsibility for their actions. It's a win-win - the devil gets another soul to feed on and the victim doesn't have to face reality.

At the heart of the matter is something that is holding you back and here is the kicker - you are willingly allowing it to do so. It is a place of comfort that you have sunk into and like one of those big bean bag chairs it's hard to get out, however,  it may be difficult and you may question whether gravity is against you but the reward for making the effort is freedom and mobility. 

The Devil here may be a limiting belief - and tied to the Ten of Wands, it may be that your self-worth is connected to how many tasks you can put on your plate in a day - and because of this you don't allow your mind time to experience the creation of ideas in an atmosphere that allows for freedom of thought. Some of my best ideas come from times of daydreaming or when I am not focused on anything. I have said this before - but I swear by the power of the shower! Go in there with a clear mind and it is inevitable that something will come to the surface whether it is a new idea or how to solve a problem. 

The Devil may also indicate a need to escape all the burdens of your life and to do this your evening glass of wine (or two) has turned into a bottle (or two.) Netflix may be your drug of choice and instead of working on that idea that you have been excited about - you instead binge watch every season of The Office. 

Take some time this weekend and really ask yourself - what is holding you back from going after that dream - the one that has taken a back seat thanks to the Devil. 


Waiting for you to figure it out is The Magician.

The Magician is a bird of action and connects us to the spirit world - pulling the power of creation and with it the ability to manifest an idea. This crow has magic running through its body as the energy that swirls around him has the power to be life-changing. 

With the Magician in the future position, the message is your dreams will manifest into reality, however, all magic comes with a price and that price is actually doing the work and allowing time for everything to fall into place. Much like planting a seed - the Magician energy is there is ensure that it is fertilized and well-cared for however patience is needed as it takes time for the seed to transform into something worth harvesting. Success is yours for the making, the resources are there to support the dream - all it needs is a little of your magic. 

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson






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I am amazed at how this deck and your interpretation speaks to me. Amazing. Thank you for your energy and time.

Cherri Trump

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