General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday May 26th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday May 26th

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Good Morning!

The weekend starts off with what may appear to be a heavy note, however - there is a light that is pulling us forward.

The wheel is in constant motion spinning through time and with it, we travel from one experience to another.  With the good comes the bad and vice versa - however, we have the ability to expand or shrink time to a degree. How long we linger or dwell in a situation is one of our greatest powers. 

At the base of a rock, the crow lays still, impaled by ten swords. Although badly injured, the crow knows that the worst is over and wherever it goes from this moment forward will be better than the pain it recently experienced. There is a light coming from the other side of the rock and the hope for a better life.

At the heart of today's reading is a major ending - one that when combined with the Wheel of Fortune and the Ten of Swords will be unmistakable.

Ten of Swords may take on an ominous look, however, being at the center of this spread - this card brings a positive message. The worst is now behind you. Any strife or feelings around hurt caused by another is now or soon to be a thing of the past - the Wheel is moving you out of a time of sorrow so that you can embark on a new adventure.

Much like the Wheel of Fortune, the Ten of Swords marks a completion and with it brings the message that it is time to move forward into the light where you will encounter a fresh start. 

The crow stands on the riverbank gazing across the water at a new destination - one that has been calling her for some time, however, the trip across will require her to leave behind all that she has accumulated as it is too heavy a load to bear.

It takes an incredible amount of strength to start over and to leave something behind - even if it is less than perfect and doesn't fill our spirit because in some ways it is more comfortable than the risk of trying something new. True freedom can be paralyzing.

It is why people stay in miserable jobs that they complain endlessly about yet are too scared to apply or go after a different one - or staying with a partner who is a selfish ass eighty-percent of the time but the other twenty-percent they are warm and loving - the risk of losing that and being alone is too great a gamble - even if it means being free to find true love.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Ten of Swords marks an end to the pain, and with the Eight of Cups following, the message coming through this morning is one of making a bold step towards transformation.  Although difficult to leave a situation behind  - once your wings spread and you are soaring through the air - you will come to realize if you tried to carry the past with you on this journey - it would have been nothing more than dead weight - pulling you down.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." ~Anais Nin







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