General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday November 10th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday November 10th

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The first thing that popped into my head when I drew the final card - The Tower was the zen story of Maybe:

A farmer's prized horse ran away - and the villagers proclaimed "bad luck!" The farmer replied "maybe." When the horse returned it brought with it several beautiful wild horses - and the villagers proclaimed "Good Luck!" The farmer replied "maybe."  When the farmer's son attempted to ride one of the wild horses he fell and broke his leg. The villagers once again proclaimed "Bad Luck!" and once again the farmer replied "maybe." When the army came looking for recruits to fight a losing battle - the son could not go because of his leg, and the villagers proclaimed "Good Luck!" The farmer shrugged and yet again said "maybe." 

With the Tower looming in the future position we don't know what may come of the destruction - it may lead to something that has you feeling as though luck is against you only to have it quickly turn around in your favor because of this very same event. 

The crow had a destination in mind when it took to the air, and although the end was far off in the distance, the bird was prepared to power through and keep flying. Without warning, a stiff breeze pushed the bird forward, and as it fell in line with the wands. Flying through the air with high speed, the bird whisked quickly to the destination without much effort or strain. 

The Eight of Wands indicates that you had a relatively easy time reaching a goal in the past - and where you are today is a result of this period in your life. Opportunities fell into place without much friction and obstacles that would have held back others seemed to vanish without any effort on your part. Doors opened for you without you even touching the handle! 

Whether it was getting into the school of your choice with grades or test scores that would have blocked others or landing a competitive job at the first interview whereas other applicants would need to face several more before a final decision - there was an ease to achieving your goal. Or - perhaps a loan to start your new business was instantly approved despite the lack of resources you brought to the table - things just moved along as if you had luck on your side. 

When things move along so swiftly, and you get comfortable with life bending to your desires - it is easy to feel optimistic about the future. 

The crow stands on the dock where it looks out across the water to a new destination - one that appears promising as the star illuminates a path across the sky. The bird creates in its mind a vision of life on the other side and takes the time to assess if the journey will be worth the reward. 

The Three of Wands represents a new beginning that may be on the horizon, one that has you feeling optimistic. However, unlike the past, there is not a swiftness of action here, and although you get a good feeling about this new opportunity, there is a part of you that is holding back to create a strategy for success.

The crows have roosted in the same spot for generations. Each night they would gather in the warmth and comfort the secure tower provided them without much consideration that it would someday not be there - until the night of the storm. With a single bolt of lighting the place that offered the birds a safe refuge was obliterated sending the birds into the air in wild flight. 

The Tower pairs up with the Three of Wands as the timing of the "destruction" is not in the distant future but rather coming quickly. There is going to be a shakeup and how the dust settles - whether it is seen as bad luck or later revealed to be a blessing is still up in the air. 

The new opportunity you had been feeling optimistic about may fall through - leaving you struggling to pick up the pieces - however, in doing so you may have avoided working for a company that wasn't as stable as you thought and as a result, will find a better more secure and lucrative position elsewhere. 

Perhaps the home that you had your heart set on to move into fell through and although you are now scrambling to find a place to live - you later learn that you dodged a bullet because that house or apartment had a severe mold problem. 

While in it - the events of the Tower will shake up your life - it may also liberate you from something or someone who in the end isn't going to offer you the comfort and security you assume it will. 

The message I get with Tower here in this reading is to stay flexible - be open to change because when you do  - not only will you be able to maintain a level of optimism that will help you recover from any setbacks it will enable you to remain creative in seeking solutions. 

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." ~ Alan Watts



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