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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday November 17th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday November 17th

Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

At any given time, without constraint and with the commitment you can alter your life course dramatically - to the point where going back to how things were isn't a possibility. The cards this morning indicate the timing for such a shift is building and when you take action in the present moment to make a change - it will lead to a positive outcome one where your creativity shines. If you have been contemplating a change - the time is now - do not hesitate. 

The crow had a destination in mind - one it was excited about reaching. It took to the air and although it was prepared for a long difficult flight what it encountered instead was a pleasant breeze that pushed the bird to its goal requiring the crow to use far less energy and effort. 

The Eight of Wands seems to pop up quite a bit and I feel like in this position more often than not. The foundation for your current energy was built upon a desire to move forward with a plan and although you may have put a little effort in by getting the ball rolling  - success seemed to unfold swiftly and effortlessly as if the Universe had your back. 

If your current situation is one where you are in a positive place and life is moving along swimmingly than the Eight of Wands can be a blessing - you reached a goal without much struggle or interference.

If your current position isn't where you hoped it would be you may want to consider if you let go of the reigns a little too much and became complacent. With everything seemingly going well you may have missed an opportunity to learn an important lesson. Perhaps the downside of everything moving so smoothly was you didn't have any opportunities to build strength and as a result, you now feel weak when confronted by even the slightest amount of friction? 

The crow calls out for all those who are ready to shed their skin and bones, leave the past behind, and rise up to a new beginning. 

At the center of today's reading is an opportunity that will create a definitive line in your life. The way I describe this in my own life is once the decision is final to change or to move in a different direction after a short period of time the life before the decision feels less like a memory and almost like a vivid past life experience.

Once you commit there is no going back as the events that will take you in a new direction are irreversible and who the person you become will be the result of stepping through the door to another life. 

Whether it's having a child, moving to a different country, having a major surgery, committing to overcoming an unhealthy habit - etc. the choice (well  - for now anyway) is yours. 

When you make the decision with your heart and mind working together - this new direction will lead to a burst of creativity and new ideas will flourish.

The crow flies alongside the horse - as a team, their strength comes from bouncing ideas off each together as this enables them to create the best path forward. The pair charges towards their goal at a great speed and although they may not have a plan in mind they are able to construct solutions quickly to ensure success. 

With both the Knight of Wands and the Eight of Wands bringing a swift energy to your situation and surrounding Judgement - you may be feeling inclined to make the decision quickly without taking into consideration all the factors. 

The Knight of Wands brings an impulsive energy and although it may have you jumping at the opportunity without over-thinking  - it also offers the creativity that will help you find success, The energy of the Knight of Wands isn't a passive and unlike the Eight of Wands where you were "pushed" forward - today you will be responsible for putting in the effort as it will have a direct connection on your success. If you charge in with enthusiasm and determination - if you let your imagination create the desired destination in your mind you will then be able to formulate the path forward. Success is yours for the taking. 

The Eight of Wands may have gotten you this far along - but in order for you to make it the final leg and across the finish line where victory is waiting, it will be your choice and your effort. 

"The chief enemy of creativity is good sense." ~ Pablo Picasso




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