General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday November 2nd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday November 2nd

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Good morning!

The struggles of the past that once consumed you have become a faint memory, as a new life free from restraint is emerging - one that has you in a period of feeling at peace with your world and capable of creating the life you desire. However, there is still a bit of the past that lingers within and left untouched may keep you from truly enjoying all the abundance life has to offer. 

The body of the crow had become merely a container for bones that no longer moved, for lungs that no longer breathed and for a heart that no longer beat. This was not a bird that could fly - or doing much of anything for that matter. As Monty Python said - if it was any more dead it would be pushing up the daisies. However within the bird remained an energy - one that desired more. When the energy rose up and left its stiff heavy body - the bird once again felt the revelry the comes from flying. 

Of the three positions, the past is the best place for the Death card to land as it denotes that you have moved on from a period of stagnation and difficulty as a result of letting go of a situation that was holding you back. This dead weight may have been a relationship with someone who didn't recognize or reciprocate your passion - leaving you feeling tied down and unable to express yourself. It may have been a job that bored you to tears and a boss that failed to see your potential. The dead weight may have come from within as years of conditioning had you believing that you were capable of far less than you really are. Regardless of who, or what was impeding your progress - when you took the steps to release yourself from its hold that is when you discovered your wings. 

The crow flies over the lush land - this strong feminine force feels a deep connection with the earth and together the two create a world rich in resources and teaming with life. 

At the heart of today's reading is the warm loving - motherly energy of the Empress. If you are feeling more empowered recently and in control over your life - capable of creating new opportunities and comfort it is thanks to the work you did in the past - when you detached from a situation that was holding you down you allowed your inner Empress to rise.

The love and strength the Empress brings to the surface is not something that can be contained or tied down - this bird is spirited and the energy she brings to your present situation is that of creating an abundant life - one that turns your focus from worry and fear - to enjoying a life of comfort freely without restraint. 

The truth of the matter is - what it comes down to is our perspective and how we conjure up the energy of the Empress is dependent on how we see our place in life. There are some who feel rich and at peace - at one with the Empress energy when walking through the woods and taking in all the abundance that nature brings us and for others, it takes a bank account that affords them endless shopping trips to the mall. 

The two sets of crows experience life from two different positions. The first set of crows roost comfortably in the tree, away from the cold harsh wind where they are comforted by the warmth of the coins. The crows on the ground - although moving forward are struggling to do so and their energy is spent keeping their heads down where all they can see is the icy hard ground. If the pair looked up they would see that comfort was just a short hop away.

The Five of Pentacles asks which group are you in? Are you capable of seeing the world from a place of comfort or are you focused on how difficult life is at the moment - leaving you incapable of seeing other options? 

For those of us whose natural default setting is not that of the Empress - when we do experience success or moments of comfort beyond what we have experienced in the past - it can cause feelings of uncertainty and it is easy to fall back into the mindset of someone who is accustomed to struggling for every step they gain. 

The message the Five of Pentacles brings is to let your inner-Empress be your guide and allow the feelings that come with her energy to move you away from feelings of lack and into a place of being in harmony with your surroundings. When you do this not only do you move your attention away from what you don't want to manifest (struggling through life)  - you will raise your vibration so that you connect with an energy that will help you create the life you do want to manifest. 

"Gratitude is one of the strongest and most transformative states of being. It shifts your perspective from lack to abundance and allows you to focus on the good in your life, which in turn pulls more goodness into your reality." ~ Jen Sincero 

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