General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday October 27th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday October 27th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

An exciting new phase is approaching - one that when you jump in - new opportunities will dull the pain of the past. It is time to take control and be a leader in your life. 

The crow takes what it wants and does so with little regard for those around him - at that moment he is not concerned with the future and is looking out only for his interests in the present. 

Your current position or situation you are in today can be traced back to a time when you took action without thinking or caring about its impact on others. There was a low vibrational energy around this time in your life that comes from friction with others when one party feels taken advantage of or disrespected. The Five of Swords can point to a period of your life where you behaved selfishly and let those around you pick up the pieces. The Five of Swords may also point to a time when you took control of your situation, and although those around you may have interpreted your actions as selfish in reality, you did what you needed to do to remove yourself from an unhealthy situation.

Perhaps you moved out of an abusive relationship - or one that sucked the life out of you. How you took this action may have been done without consideration to the feelings of those around you or the financial impact your absence had  - however, in the end, you had to do what was best for you at that moment. 

If you are in a better place today, you can look at this period of your life as a difficult period that thankfully has passed. 

If you are struggling today - you may need to make amends to those who are harboring ill feelings in regards to your actions, and because of this, there is still an attachment there between you that is holding you back. 

Despite the periods of setbacks and headwinds - the crow remained determined to reach its destination. One afternoon the crow got caught up in fast-moving tailwind - quickly pushing the bird to its goal - the wind startled the crow as it was accustomed to fighting the wind - not being helped by it!

The Eight of Wands comes in bringing with it a swift light energy. If you have been struggling and suddenly obstacles seem to resolve themselves and things seem to be going well - don't fight it!  This new ease that is going on in your life may be off-putting if you are used to battling for everything you get and if you aren't careful can lead to progress-halting feelings of anxiety.

The message the Eight of Wands brings is let go of the fear or the misguided belief that to reach a goal you need to struggle. 

The wind created by the Eight of Wands ushers in a new period of your life, one that will push you ahead and further away from the person you were back during that time of friction (the Five of Swords.)

The crow is perched on a throne high on top of the mountains. From this vantage point, it can see the entire land and all of its resources as well as all the potential dangers. Because of his position, he has the ability to make decisions and plans using his logical mind and less on guesswork. 

The Emperor comes through this morning because when you take control and have a clear vision for what you wish to achieve you will have the ability to harness the fiery energy of the Eight of Wands. The path forward will become clear so that you find a successful end to your goal faster than you expected. 

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." ~Deepak Chopra








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