General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday October 6th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday October 6th

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Good morning!

Personally - I needed to see these cards this morning as a reminder that commitment can create a powerful energy as it keeps the attention focused on a goal. The message I get this morning is that the path to success will come by way of going all in and committing to your dream.

The crow is perched on top of a tree with its head firmly placed in the clouds. Here it dreams up fabulous fantasies that keep its interest - but in order for the bird to reach any of the dreams swirling around the sky - it will need to leave the comfort of the tree.

The Seven of Cups in the past position suggests that you have an idea for what you want or a goal in mind - but other distractions have prevented you from taking action. There may be a belief that "it's unattainable - but a great fantasy and a way to kill some time dreaming." You may have the desire - but lack the discipline to fully realize your goal, or you may not know where to begin and find yourself stuck at the beginning. 

As a foundation - this card brings the message that you have the ability to create the vision in your head and this is the important first step for realizing it - the key to obtaining your desire will come through taking action. 

The crows committed to leaving the country life behind for the vibrant city where food is plentiful and the community of crows is strong. However, after a few mishaps, they quickly realized to be successful they needed to learn from an older and wiser crow who is experienced in surviving urban life because although life in the city offers more opportunities it comes with a myriad of predators or dangerous situations. 

The energy of the Hierophant is significant as it brings forward a need to commit to a lifestyle or adopt a plan that has you conforming to an idea that will help you achieve your goal. This is something that is not a passing fancy but rather a turning point for your life. 

If your desire (Seven of Cups) was to lose weight - the Hierophant will support you by sending you opportunities to connect with a weight-loss system that you are energized about enough that you stay committed to it and as a result, you will reach your goal. 

If your goal is to get into a place of feeling at peace with the world - this energy will connect you to resources that will have a lasting impact on your stress and how you approach life. 

The key to this energy is allowing yourself to be guided and to follow the signs as it will help you find the perfect mentor or philosophy that will help you transform a fantasy into reality. 

The crow on it's way to success gets caught up in an energy storm. Seeing an opportunity to reach its goal sooner rather than later - the crow catches the powerful tailwind and holding its position with precision and soars through the air.

The Chariot amplifies the energy you bring to the situation - and transforms your actions in something greater. Your confidence level will be off the charts and because of this, you will have a clear focus of your desired outcome and a determination that will see it through. The energy coming through is not one of just reaching your goal - it goes much further.

If your goal was to shed the last 10 pounds - not only will you achieve that but you will also become a fitness expert who will, in turn, help others reach their goals.

If your desire was to find a place of inner-peace not only will you find it within yourself you will, in turn, be knowledgeable enough to assist others in finding peace for themselves. 

When you take an idea that intrigues you and go all in by committing to the action, time, and learning needed - the Chariot will come charging in to take your dream to a whole new level - and it will be life-changing

‘Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." ~ Pablo Picasso








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