General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday September 16th

General Three Card Reading

Good morning! 

Whether you are ready or not the time has come to say goodbye as the path to victory is through letting go of something that is holding you back - or weighing you down.

The regal crow sits on his throne. This bird is not a trickster crow or a bird who enjoys playing around - no he is a serious, logical problem-solver who at times may be a bit rigid but at the end of the day, he is seen as a dependable voice of reason. 

In the past position, the King of Swords entered your life as someone who you could rely on - in many ways this person was a mentor who helped you discover your natural talents. You admired and looked up to this masculine figure and because the behavior they modeled clicked with you - who you are today is a reflection of the memory of this person. 

Thinking back on life - The King of Swords may not have been a real person - this may have been a character that you connected with during your childhood - someone who was fair and logical. I used to joke that Murphy Brown played a significant role in who I am today as she taught me that it was perfectly fine to be a strong independent and completely capable woman who could do any job a man could do and if need be - raise a child on her own. 

The King of Swords is coming through as a reminder of this person and the lessons they taught you - if there is any friction in your life at this time how would they have resolved the issue? If your life is moving along brilliantly then take this opportunity to express gratitude for this person - doing so you will raise your vibration a bit higher. 

The crow's body is lifeless and heavy - blood no longer runs through its veins and its organs are useless. Unable to fly the bird releases its spirit and soars into the sky where it is free. 

At the center of today's reading is Death. There is something that you are clinging to, something that is weighing you down that is no longer holds life and because of this until you let it go - you will stay in the same place - restricted. In this position a spirit that desires to soar withers. 

You may know that a job or a relationship is going nowhere, yet you hang onto it because it is a place of comfort. Deep down you may know that in order to be successful you will need to be proactive and stop dreaming and start doing - yet in the evenings its more comfortable to just hang out watching TV. This may also be some misguided belief that success has to look a certain way, otherwise, it doesn't count or won't last, or whatever...

The message that is coming through this morning is that something is like dead weight and you are attached to it. 

When you figure out what is holding you down, what is no longer serving you that is when you will feel your spirit become free - that is when you will get this overwhelming sense of being light and able to explore your desires. 

I know what is weighing me down right now - frankly, it is fear. I took a big leap of faith and moved my daughter and myself out of our basement apartment - a place we lived for six years. Six years without seeing the sky, the weather. We moved to a place with a lot of windows and it is blissful. Creativity is terrified of fear so it retreats - this weekend I am working on slaying the fear monster - I got a little help yesterday from a friend and today I am holding a funeral for my Fear of Failure. 

It took a great deal of dedication and determination, but with a strong will and tenacity, the crow found its place in the victory circle. 

The result of letting go of that baggage that was weighing you down is a victory - one that is well deserved! 

By taking the lessons of the past that came from someone who you admired for their logical thinking and determination and applying them to your current situation you will able to free yourself from what is weighing you down - you will find the courage to let go and release that which no longer serves your best interest. Victory is waiting for you - success is waiting for you but the only way to get there is by freeing yourself from that which is holding you down. 

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go." ~ Hermann Hesse






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