General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday September 8th

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Good morning! 

After taking a break, there is an energy in the air that supports movement and bringing things into being - life is unfolding in a beautiful way, however with change comes the fear of the unknown and the question is what is it you are afraid of? When you figure that out - you can resolve the feeling of anxiety that is preventing you from enjoying all the good things around you. 

The crow alone in the garden decided to see what the flowers looked life from a different perspective and let its body fall upside down from the blossoming branch. Releasing any stress it allows its wings to fall and leans into the position. From this vantage point, the world looks different, the flowers take on a different hue and it may have been the rush of blood to the head - the crow found inspiration.

With the Hanged Man setting up today's reading this indicates that you took a break - a self-imposed time out from a situation that wasn't moving in a direction you felt good about. During this period you were able to get a different perspective on the situation - one that enabled you to see a resolution that you felt benefited you the most. 

An example of this may be letting go of aggressively going after a promotion and instead, you let things fall into place on their own and because of this, you were able to see the job you were going after from a different perspective. 

Whatever your situation was this was a time when you didn't let go of your desire for the thing you wished for - only your attachment to it. 

The mother crow soars over an abundant land where she spreads a loving and nurturing energy to all things below. She is a powerful creature, a creator of life and love. 

There is a creative energy in the air as the Empress enters your current situation - bringing with her the ability to manifest an abundance of that which you focus your attention on. You are being supported during this time as new beginnings and opportunities unfold to help you reach the goal you have set in your mind.

Although the Empress brings a nurturing energy - it is one that gives you what you wish for as she is a mother who wants her children to be happy. It is important during this time to keep your thoughts positive and focused on creating the best possible outcome for your situation because with the Empress present - you will not only get what you wish - you will get an abundance of it. 

Enter the Nine of Swords - a card that seems to be popping up a bit too frequently as of late. 

The crow wakes from yet another nightmare - worried and stressed out sleep becomes less restful and before long the bird begins to see its fears breakthrough from dream to reality as it manifests that which it fears. 

The Nine of Swords comes through this morning to serve some advice - figure out what it is that is causing your stress - find it at the root and remove it as it is growing and with the Empress at the center who brings life and supports growth that can include things that you may not want to grow. 

Whatever you focus your attention on - the Empress brings more of it and with the Nine of Swords, the message is that what you are focusing on is something that is a source of anxiety. Perhaps you are avoiding something or someone who wants you to do something that you are responsible for and in your gut you know that you can't avoid the situation forever - yet facing it would require getting out of your comfort zone or dealing a situation that is overwhelming. Having the Empress in your present position helps you create the solution to resolve the source of anxiety - however, you will need to face the source of the anxiety head-on, deconstruct it, demystify it and address it - it's hard and frankly it can suck, but at the same time its liberating and will leave you feeling better in the end - plus you will finally get a good night sleep. 

"Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure."~ Paulo Coelho

Peace, MJ




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